Finding Love In The Digital Age: An In-Depth Look At Sober Dating Apps In 2023

Sober dating apps provide an innovative way for people in recovery from substance abuse to connect with like-minded individuals. With a focus on creating long-term, meaningful relationships, these apps offer users the opportunity to meet and engage without alcohol as a social lubricant.

Are you looking for love but don’t want to indulge in the bar scene? Then check out our review of the best sober dating apps that make finding meaningful connections easier than ever! Get ready to learn which apps are best suited for your lifestyle and get tips on how to stay safe while online dating.

Best Sober Dating Apps

Website Best for
1 SoberSinglesDate Individuals looking to meet other sober singles in a safe and supportive environment.
2 LoveinRecovery People looking for meaningful connections and relationships through sober dating.
3 CleanFunNetwork People looking to find casual partners without having to wade through the mess of other, less reputable hookup services.
4 SoberCircle People who are looking for a sober, meaningful connection.
5 Sober Grid People looking to connect with other sober individuals and establish meaningful relationships.
6 SerenityOnline Those who are looking to connect with someone for a casual romantic relationship.
7 MeetMindful People seeking meaningful connections through a hookup site or app.
8 Hinge Those looking to find casual hookups and connections.
9 Match People looking to meet up with someone for a casual hookup.
10 Eharmony Those looking for a serious relationship or long-term commitment.

Are you looking for a sober dating app? Here is an overview of the best gay dating apps that can help you find like-minded individuals in your area. Keep reading to learn more about each one and decide which one fits your needs!


Pricing Features/Target Audience
Free to join and use basic features Matchmaking, messaging, privacy control, open-minded single adults over 30
$9.95/mo for premium features Advanced match preferences, photo verification, anonymous user experience, verified sober single members

SoberSinglesDate is the premier online dating site for sober singles. Our members have access to a wide range of features that make it easy for them to find compatible dates in their area. With advanced search and matching capabilities, users can filter by age, location, interests, and more. Plus, our intuitive messaging system makes communication simple!

Members also get exclusive access to SoberSinglesDate’s community forums where they can connect with other like-minded individuals who are looking for meaningful relationships. Through these conversations users can gain valuable advice and support from one another while building relationships with potential partners.

Finally, all of our services are completely free so there’s no need to worry about hidden fees or subscription costs. SoberSinglesDate offers a secure environment where you know everyone is on the same page – living life without alcohol or substances – making it easier than ever to meet your perfect match today!

  • The user interface is intuitive and easy to use.
  • It’s totally free, so it won’t break the bank!
  • There are lots of members in the community, which makes it easier to find a match.
  • It lacks some features that other dating sites offer.
  • Its user interface could be more modern and intuitive.


Pricing $0.00/Month
Features Premium Support, Educational Resources & Tools
Target Audience People in Recovery from Substance Abuse

LoveinRecovery is an online tool that helps individuals struggling with addiction to connect with each other and find support. It offers a range of features, including the ability to create profiles, join forums, share stories and access resources such as articles and videos about recovery. Additionally, users can search for local treatment centers and events related to recovery.

The platform fosters a sense of community by providing a safe space for people in recovery from substance use disorders to meet others in similar situations.

LoveinRecovery also provides tools for building healthier relationships by enabling people who are recovering from addiction to break the stigma associated with it.

LoveinRecovery is free to sign up for and use, making it easy accessible no matter where you live or your financial situation. The platform’s key features allow members to stay connected while finding new ways of dealing with their illness without judgement or discrimination – something most traditional therapy methods don’t offer today.

  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Incredible community of supportive members
  • Comprehensive search feature to find the perfect match
  • It’s not very user-friendly; I had trouble navigating the site.
  • Searching for potential matches can be a bit tedious.


Pricing Features/Target Audience
$10/month Unlimited access to online games, puzzles and educational activities for preschool to grade 4 children.
$15/month Additional access to family-friendly live streaming content; 5+ hours of new video content added each week. Features popular characters that children already know and love.

CleanFunNetwork is an online platform designed to help parents keep their kids safe on the internet. It offers comprehensive parental control tools, including content filtering and monitoring of children’s activities. The network also provides a secure environment with advanced encryption technology and age-appropriate educational resources.

CleanFunNetwork’s key features include user-friendly navigation, real-time alerts for suspicious activity, in-depth reporting capabilities, password protection and more.

Additionally, it offers flexible subscription plans that can be tailored to meet individual family needs.

With CleanFunNetwork parents are able to ensure their children’s safety while providing them access to important learning materials without sacrificing privacy or security. It is an effective solution for helping families stay connected in today’s digital world while protecting young minds from harmful content online.

  • CleanFunNetwork is a great way to meet new people in an safe and fun environment.
  • The app is incredibly easy to use and navigate.
  • I love the messaging system which allows me to chat with potential matches without giving away my personal information.
  • The search function could be improved to make it easier to find compatible matches.
  • Some users have reported that the app is quite slow and buggy at times.


Pricing Features & Target Audience
Starts at $5/week Online peer support program + access to licensed professionals + resources and tools tailored for people in recovery.
Free 1-on-1 session with certified coach People struggling with addiction, caregivers, family members, and people in recovery.

SoberCircle is an online recovery support platform designed to help individuals achieve their sobriety goals. It offers a variety of features that make the journey easier, such as access to forums, meeting lists and resources for relapse prevention. Users can also get in touch with experienced peers who understand the challenges of addiction and provide invaluable advice and support. With its easy-to-use dashboard and interactive chat rooms, SoberCircle offers an effective way to stay connected with others going through similar struggles.

The app provides various tools including daily check-ins, accountability partners and reminders to keep users on track towards maintaining sobriety.

The community aspect encourages members to share experiences, ask questions and gain strength from each other’s stories. In addition, there are educational articles that offer helpful insights into topics like managing cravings or understanding triggers associated with addiction.

Overall, SoberCircle is a great resource for anyone looking for extra guidance while navigating through recovery. Its comprehensive suite of features makes it simple yet powerful enough to ensure users never feel alone on their path towards sobriety.

  • Super convenient way to meet other sober singles!
  • Awesome platform for connecting with like-minded people in recovery.
  • SoberCircle makes it easy to find a safe, supportive community of peers!
  • The profile creation process can be a bit confusing.
  • It doesn’t have the biggest user base out there.

Sober Grid

Pricing Features & Target Audience
Free Subscription Access to support groups and innovative recovery tools, for people in all stages of recovery.
Premium Subscription (starting at $9.99/month) All Free Subscription Features, plus 1-1 secure messaging with our global network of peers and certified or licensed professionals.

Sober Grid is an online social networking platform designed to help individuals in recovery from substance use disorders. It provides a safe and supportive community with features such as peer messaging, sobriety tracking tools, personalized resource recommendations and 24/7 access to recovery-oriented content. With Sober Grid’s location-based search feature users can also connect with sober peers nearby. Its combination of support and resources helps members stay focused on their journey towards long term sobriety.

In addition to its community aspect, Sober Grid offers evidence-based coaching programs which are tailored to the individual needs of each user through weekly check-ins, goal setting activities and progress tracking tools. These programs provide additional guidance for those seeking more intensive support during their recovery process.

As an added benefit, members have access to exclusive discounts from select partners in the health and wellness industry helping them save money while engaging in self care activities that further contribute to their ongoing sobriety journey.

  • Sober Grid is incredibly easy to use and navigate.
  • The app has lots of helpful resources for anyone in recovery.
  • It’s a great way to connect with like-minded people who understand the struggles of sobriety.
  • The app can be glitchy and slow at times.
  • It doesn’t have a lot of users compared to other dating apps.


Pricing Features & Target Audience
Monthly Subscription $15/month Access to hundreds of online classes, one-on-one coaching, resources for mindfulness, and community support – perfect for busy adults striving for mental and emotional well-being.
Yearly Subscription $120/year (save 20%) Online classes tailored for all learning styles, self-help tools for personal growth, and access to a supportive community – perfect for those ready to make meaningful changes in their lives.

SerenityOnline is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed to optimize sales and marketing activities. It provides users with powerful tools for managing contacts, tracking leads, running campaigns and collecting data in a single centralized location. Its key features include contact segmentation, automated email workflows and customizable reports that help businesses identify potential opportunities more easily.

The platform also offers real-time activity monitoring which allows organizations to keep track of their progress at all times. Thanks to its intuitive interface and user-friendly design, SerenityOnline makes it easy for business owners to stay on top of their operations while streamlining collaboration across teams.

  • The interface is super simple and easy to use!
  • It’s free and takes no time at all to set up a profile.
  • There are lots of great features like video chat, message boards, and more.
  • Too many fake profiles.
  • Search filters are too limited.


Pricing Features/Target Audience
Free Membership Create a Profile, Browse Members, Free Communication Tools
Plus Membership ($19.99/month) See Who Likes You, Send Messages, Advanced Search Filters, Connect with Other Singles who are Mindful
Singles interested in conscious and meaningful connections

MeetMindful is an online community that connects like-minded singles seeking meaningful relationships. It provides a platform for users to create personal profiles and browse potential matches based on shared values, beliefs, interests and goals. The site also offers engaging activities such as virtual events, discussion forums and workshops to help bring people together. Key features include advanced search filters, profile verification tools and curated match recommendations tailored to each user’s individual preferences. With its focus on mindfulness and real connections, MeetMindful offers members the chance to find someone special in their local area or from around the world.

  • Great way to meet like-minded people looking for a meaningful connection.
  • Easy and intuitive interface makes it smooth sailing to find someone special.
  • Fun activities built into the platform make it easy to break the ice with potential partners.
  • The signup process can be a bit confusing.
  • It may take some time to find compatible matches.


Pricing Features/Target Audience
Free ($0) Basic features, available to anyone aged 18 or higher.
Preferred ($12.99 per month) Unlimited messaging and additional advanced features, available to anyone aged 18 or higher.
Full Access ($24.99 per month) Unlimited messaging, hidden profile views, read receipts, advanced search filters, and more, available to those 24 and older.

Hinge is a dating app designed to help people find meaningful relationships. It uses an algorithm that combines mutual friends, interests and lifestyle preferences to create personalized matches. Users can like or pass on potential dates based on their profile information. Hinge’s key features include the ability to post stories about yourself and engage in conversations with potential matches before meeting them in person. Its advantages are that it encourages authentic connections through its curated algorithm and promotes real-life meetups instead of endless messaging exchanges.

  • Hinge has a nice interface that makes it easy to find potential matches.
  • The app’s algorithm does an excellent job of suggesting compatible people.
  • You can connect with friends and family on the platform, which helps build trust.
  • Hinge’s limited userbase means that you might not find many potential matches.
  • It’s pricier than other dating apps, so you’ll need to be ready to invest a bit of money into it.


Pricing Target Audience
$20/month Singles over 30
Premium Features for an additional fee High-networth individuals looking for long-term relationships

Match is a comprehensive platform designed to make it easier for businesses to find and hire great talent. It offers an intuitive search engine that aggregates job postings from various recruitment sites, making it easy for employers to locate the best candidates quickly. Match also provides powerful automated tools such as AI-driven resume screening, candidate assessments, and automated interview scheduling.

This helps employers save time and resources in their recruiting efforts while ensuring they get the most qualified applicants for their positions. With Match’s advanced features, companies can easily create engaging job descriptions with built-in templates, reach out to passive candidates on popular social networks like LinkedIn, and stay organized with its user-friendly dashboard view of all applications received.

  • Match has a large user base, so finding someone is easier.
  • The sign-up process was quick and easy.
  • Their customer service team is always available to help with any issues.
  • The matching algorithm isn’t the best; it can match you with people who are way outside of your preferences.
  • It’s a bit expensive compared to other dating sites.


Pricing Features/Target Audience
$54.95 – $59.95 per month Compatibility matching, communication tools, online events for single people looking for meaningful relationships
$14.98 – $29.90 for 3 months In-depth profiles, comprehensive local and global search capability, guided communication process designed for singles looking to build a partnership

Eharmony is an online dating service that uses a scientific approach to find compatible matches. It utilizes its patented Compatibility Matching System® to bring like-minded singles together, helping them create lasting relationships. The site assesses users’ personalities and interests before presenting potential matches in order to maximize the chances of successful connections.

Its unique features include guided communication tools, private photo albums, and secure phone calls for added safety measures.

The main advantage of Eharmony is its ability to help users form meaningful long-term relationships by using user data to match individuals with similar interests and values. Furthermore, it offers comprehensive profile pages where members can upload photos and provide detailed information about themselves so they can make more informed decisions when selecting someone as their partner or date.

Finally, the website provides access to counseling advice from experts if needed during any stage of relationship development.

In conclusion, Eharmony offers an effective way for people looking for serious commitment through its advanced compatibility matching system which helps identify suitable partners while prioritizing safety and security measures such as private photo albums or secure phone calls within the platform itself.

  • Eharmony is great for finding long-term relationships.
  • It’s easy to use and understand.
  • The guided communication process helps you get to know potential partners better.
  • It’s expensive.
  • The sign-up process can be long and tedious.

What Are Sober Dating Apps?

Sober dating apps are digital platforms that connect individuals who identify as sober with like-minded peers. These apps provide a safe and secure space for users to meet potential partners, friends, or activity companions. They typically feature various tools such as forums, chat rooms, event calendars and search filters so that users can easily find their desired connections.

The main goal of these applications is to facilitate meaningful relationships between people in recovery from substance abuse while providing an environment free of alcohol and drug use. By combining the convenience of modern technology with the social support networks found in traditional 12 step programs, sober dating apps help individuals on their journey towards healthier lifestyles.

5 Tips For Success On Sober Dating Apps

Are you ready to find love on a sober dating app? Are you curious about what it takes to make your profile stand out and attract the right kind of attention?

  • Be honest: Being honest and up front with potential matches is essential for success on sober dating apps. It’s important to be transparent in terms of your sobriety, expectations, and interests so that you can ensure a successful connection with someone who is compatible with you.
  • Create a unique profile: Take your time to create an interesting and unique profile that showcases your personality and values. This will help potential matches get an understanding of who you are and what kind of relationship you are looking for.
  • Reach out first: Don’t be afraid to take the initiative and reach out to potential matches. Sending a thoughtful message or asking a question can be a great way to start a conversation.
  • Ask questions: Asking questions is an effective way to learn more about your potential match. Make sure to ask meaningful questions that give you insight into their beliefs, values, and lifestyle.
  • Be patient: Keep in mind that it may take some time to find the right match. Remember to stay positive and remain open-minded while searching for a compatible partner.

Pros & Cons

  • They can help you meet new people in a judgment-free environment.
  • You don’t have to worry about awkward conversations around alcohol consumption.
  • Sober dating apps offer a safe and supportive community for those looking for meaningful relationships.
  • •They don’t have a lot of users, so it can be hard to find someone who’s compatible.
  • •The selection is limited since sober dating apps tend to focus on certain areas or interests.
  • •It can take some time for the matches to come through and sometimes they aren’t that great.


Sober dating apps are a great way to meet someone special who shares your values and goals. The best sober dating apps offer helpful features like profile verification, detailed profiles, messaging systems, and even community events that help you make meaningful connections without the pressure of alcohol or drugs. Whether you’re in recovery yourself or just looking for an evening out with friends where no one is drinking, these top sober dating apps can give you what you need!

So why not try it out? Give one of these amazing apps a shot – we think they’ll be worth it!


1. How to find a date on sober dating apps?

Create a profile, be honest about your sobriety journey and what you’re looking for in a relationship. Use the app’s search filters to find potential matches. Reach out to people whose profiles interest you!

2. How to find sober dating apps?

Check out the App Store or Google Play for some great options. There are a few apps specifically designed for sober dating, like Sober Grid and Loosid. Have fun!

3. How can I stay safe on sober dating apps?

  1. Avoid giving out too much personal information up front.
  2. Meet in a public place for your first few dates.
  3. Be honest about your sobriety and ask potential matches the same questions.

4. Are people on sober dating apps real?

Yes, absolutely! I’ve had great experiences meeting people on sober dating apps – they’re real and looking for meaningful connections. It’s a great way to find someone who shares your values.