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S’More Review in 2023 – Is It Worth It?

Picture this: It’s Friday night, you’re snuggling up on the couch, and your phone buzzes with yet another dating app notification. You sigh, thinking about all those cringe-worthy first dates from hell that seem to have invaded your life lately. But wait! What if there was a dating app that focuses less on looks and more on… YOU? 🤔 Enter S’More, the self-proclaimed “anti-superficial” dating app that promises a different kind of love connection. With its unique approach to online dating, could S’More be the answer to all our relationship woes?

Does it deliver meaningful conversations instead of endless swiping? Can we finally say goodbye to those awkward meetups where you question everything in existence just to avoid an excruciating silence? Dive right into this enticing review as we uncover whether S’More is truly worth exploring or just another flash-in-the-pan dud. Ready for some s’more love action? Let’s go!

Pros & Cons

  • – S’More is an awesome addition to the gay dating apps scene that offers a unique and refreshing experience.
  • – This free app encourages you to get to know someone on a deeper level before judging them solely based on looks (no more snap judgements!).
  • – With its free features, like messaging and unlimited profiles, S’More gives users full value for their time without breaking the bank.
  • – The ability to chat first and see pics later ensures that meaningful connections are made beyond physical attraction.
  • – S’More’s approach of prioritizing conversations over appearances makes it an exciting platform for those tired of swiping through endless profiles.
  • – It might not be the best option if you’re used to gay dating apps with a large user base, as S’More is newer and still gaining traction.
  • – The free version of S’More has limited features compared to some other popular dating apps.
  • – If you prefer exploring profiles at your own pace, rather than through a curated selection provided by the app, it might not be for you.
  • – Limited swipe options available in the free version can make browsing feel somewhat restrictive or slow-paced.
  • – While the concept of getting to know someone before seeing their photos may be novel, it could potentially create more pressure when it comes to physical appearance.

Design & Usability

The colors and design of S’More are visually appealing and well-thought-out, creating a welcoming and vibrant user experience. The use of warm tones such as burnt orange and earthy brown lends an inviting touch to the overall aesthetic. With its modern layout, sleek typography, and intuitive interface, S’More ensures that users can easily navigate through the platform without any hassle.

The usability of S’More is one of its key strengths. The site has been designed with simplicity in mind, enabling users to effortlessly explore all its features. From signing up for an account to setting up preferences and browsing profiles, every step on this dating platform is streamlined for convenience.

Furthermore, each section is thoughtfully organized and labeled clearly, ensuring that nothing feels overwhelming or confusing.

One of the standout aspects of S’More’s usability is its innovative approach to profile pictures. Instead of displaying images upfront, the app cleverly blurs them initially until certain engagement milestones have been achieved between potential matches. This unique feature encourages users to focus on getting to know each other beyond physical appearances while promoting more meaningful connections.

In terms of navigation, S’More maintains a consistent layout throughout the different sections of the site. The menu bar provides easy access to essential features like matches, chats, settings, and upgrading options (for those who choose to subscribe).

Searching for compatible partners or adjusting personal preferences is straightforward thanks to clear filters and search options that enhance user control.

However, it’s worth noting that opting for a paid subscription unlocks additional UI improvements within S’More. Subscribers gain access to enhanced analytics about their profile activity along with customized suggestions based on their interests – maximizing their chances of finding a compatible match efficiently.

Overall, the design and usability factors seamlessly combine within S’More’s interface; offering an enjoyable experience brought forth by thoughtful color choices along with intuitive functionality. Whether you’re a free user exploring basic features or someone eager for an upgraded experience, S’More ensures a visually appealing and user-friendly environment to facilitate meaningful connections.

What Makes S’More Worth Trying

  1. Inclusive and comprehensive LGBTQ+ experience: S’More stands out among other dating apps as a reputable gay dating app that embraces diversity. It provides an inclusive platform for individuals of all sexual orientations, allowing users to connect with like-minded people in a safe and supportive environment.

  2. Unique approach to online connections: Unlike many other dating apps, S’More is not solely focused on appearance but emphasizes deeper connections. By gradually revealing profiles through engaging features such as blurred photos and icebreaker questions, S’More encourages meaningful conversations and reduces the emphasis solely on physical attraction.

  3. Free features without compromising quality: S’More is recognized for offering free access to essential features without bombarding users with intrusive advertisements. Users can enjoy messaging, browsing profiles, and discovering potential matches at no cost, making it a more accessible option compared to some paid dating platforms.

  4. Interactive profiles promoting authenticity: S’More prioritizes authenticity by incentivizing users to complete their profiles and provide genuine information. The app rewards users who engage actively on the platform, improving the overall quality of interactions and enhancing the potential for meaningful connections.

  5. Advanced security measures: S’More takes user safety seriously, implementing robust security measures to protect user data and privacy. With stringent verification processes and strict profile moderation guidelines, S’More ensures a trustworthy environment where users can feel secure while seeking potential partners or friends.

  6. Growing community and positive reputation: S’More has gained popularity within the gay dating app scene due to its growing community of diverse and like-minded individuals. Through positive word-of-mouth and favorable reviews, S’More has established itself as a trusted platform, attracting a significant number of genuine users looking for fulfilling relationships.

Similar Sites & Apps

While S’More has gained popularity as a dating app, it’s essential to remember that there are several alternatives available for those seeking a fresh experience. For gay users specifically, exploring other gay dating apps can provide an inclusive platform for connecting with like-minded individuals and building meaningful connections.

  • Tinder: Known as a popular dating app, it allows users to swipe right or left based on their interest in potential matches. It also offers options for gay dating.
  • Grindr: A renowned social networking app specifically designed for gay, bi, trans, and queer individuals. It focuses on connecting users within the LGBTQ+ community.
  • OkCupid: This dating website and app provide extensive personalization through match quizzes and compatibility rankings. It includes diverse options for sexual orientation, including gay dating.
  • Bumble: While not exclusively for gay dating, it is a widely used app where women make the first move in initiating conversations with potential partners. It also caters to same-sex connections.
  • Coffee Meets Bagel: An online dating platform that sends curated matches to its users daily. Although it serves various preferences, there are options available for gay dating as well.

How Does S’More Work?

S’More, the innovative gay dating app, has revolutionized the way people approach online dating by offering a unique and refreshing experience. Founded in 2019 by Adam Cohen-Aslatei, S’More aims to prioritize personality over physical appearance, encouraging users to establish deeper connections beyond mere initial attraction.

With an increasing number of individuals seeking meaningful relationships in the digital realm, Cohen-Aslatei recognized the need for a gay dating app that values authenticity and compatibility. The concept behind S’More is simple yet effective – it blurs profile pictures until users engage in conversation. This distinctive feature encourages individuals to focus on getting to know each other’s personalities before evaluating looks alone.

On S’More, finding profiles is a breeze; simply download the app from your preferred app store and create an account using valid email or phone verification.

Once signed up, you can start discovering potential matches near you based on your preferences and settings. Unlike many other dating apps where swiping right or left dominates the interface design, S’More employs an intelligent algorithm that recommends compatible profiles tailored specifically to your interests.

A diverse range of users populate S’More’s vibrant community. From young professionals looking for love to those seeking serious relationships within the LGBTQ+ world, there is someone for everyone on this gay dating platform. With its inclusive nature and commitment to fostering genuine connections between like-minded individuals, S’More stands out as a dependable space where all sexual orientations are welcome.

In addition to its main distinguishing feature of blurred profile images initially hiding faces behind metaphorical screens called "smores," S’More boasts several other key features aimed at enhancing user experience.

These include personalized icebreaker questions designed to jump-start conversations with potential matches effortlessly and video greetings that allow individuals to get a glimpse into each other’s lives before diving deeper into communication.

Moreover, unlike traditional swipe-based platforms where superficial judgments may prevail, S’More encourages users’ profiles to be filled with more detailed information about their interests and aspirations. This emphasis on substance fosters a more meaningful approach to dating, promoting compatibility based on shared values and ambitions.

S’More’s unique dynamic ensures that its users experience deeper connections by prioritizing conversation, not solely appearance. With its user-friendly interface, diverse community, and dedication to fostering authentic relationships within the LGBTQ+ community, S’More has carved out a distinct space in the realm of gay dating apps. Whether you’re looking for companionship or want to build something long-term, this innovative platform provides an opportunity for genuine connection beyond initial physical attraction.

Searching, Filters and Communications

Are you tired of swiping endlessly on other dating apps? S’More, the innovative gay dating app, offers a refreshing approach to online dating with its unique search, filters, and communication features.

  • S’More, a gay dating app, offers an extensive search feature allowing users to find other members based on various criteria such as age, location, and interests.
  • Through its "Discover" section, S’More enables users to view profiles of potential matches, fostering communication and connection within the dating app.
  • S’More provides a messaging platform that allows users to communicate with each other directly and privately, facilitating effortless conversations between members.
  • The app introduces a unique feature called "Icebreaker" prompts, providing conversation starters to break the ice and initiate meaningful interactions among S’More users.
  • With its user-friendly interface, S’More makes it easy for members to explore profiles, engage in chats, and forge connections in a safe and inclusive digital environment.

On S’More, users can make contact with others by utilizing various search options and filters. They can browse through a diverse range of profiles based on specific criteria such as age, location, interests, and education. Additionally, users have the option to filter matches based on their desired relationship type or intentions. By using these search options effectively, individuals can narrow down their preferences to find like-minded people for meaningful connections within this gay dating app.

Who’s on S’More?

S’More, a popular dating app, has a specific target audience in mind in terms of user demographics. It primarily targets individuals seeking meaningful connections rather than casual hookups. With its unique features and emphasis on building emotional connections before physical attraction, S’More appeals to users who value deeper relationships.

The average age demographic on S’More is around 25-34 years old, targeting young professionals who are serious about finding long-term companionship.

This age group tends to be more focused on personal growth and prioritizing stable relationships over casual encounters.

S’More aims for a global reach, catering to users from various countries rather than focusing solely on a specific nation or region. By offering the app internationally, S’More provides opportunities for individuals across different cultures and backgrounds to connect with one another based on shared values and interests.

Help & Support

Users can easily access support for S’More through various channels, ensuring that their questions and concerns are addressed promptly and efficiently. To begin with, S’More has a dedicated support page on its website where users can find answers to frequently asked questions as well as useful information about the app’s features.

In addition to the comprehensive support page, S’More offers the option for users to contact their support team via email. This is an effective way to communicate specific issues or seek personalized assistance. Users can expect a timely response from the support team, typically within 24-48 hours.

For more urgent matters or those requiring immediate attention, customers also have the option to call S’More’s phone support line.

This allows for direct interaction with a representative who can provide real-time assistance and resolve any pressing concerns efficiently. The availability of multiple means of communication reflects S’More’s commitment to providing accessible and reliable customer support.

One notable feature that sets S’More apart is its FAQ page. This comprehensive resource addresses common queries and provides clear explanations about different aspects of the app. It covers topics such as profile creation, matching algorithms, messaging features, payment methods, privacy settings, and much more. The inclusion of this resource ensures that users have access to self-help options before reaching out directly to customer support.

When comparing S’More’s customer support to other alternatives in the dating app market, it stands out due to its responsiveness and accessibility across various platforms. While some competitors may rely solely on email-based help desks or offer limited customer service hours, S’More goes above and beyond by providing both email and phone support options.

Moreover, the prompt response time demonstrated by S’More further enhances its reputation for efficient customer service. With typical response times falling within 24-48 hours, users can trust that their inquiries will be acknowledged promptly and dealt with in a satisfactory manner.

Overall, user satisfaction remains at the heart of S’More’s support system. By offering multiple channels of communication, ensuring a reasonable response time, and maintaining an extensive FAQ page, S’More stands out as a leader in providing efficient and effective customer support within the dating app industry.

Security & Safety

Safety and security are paramount when it comes to online dating platforms. In this age of digital connectivity, users need to feel confident that their personal information is protected and that they can engage with others in a secure environment. Thankfully, S’More takes safety seriously.

One way in which S’More ensures the authenticity of its users is through a verification process. This helps weed out fake accounts and provides a level of trust for those seeking genuine connections. By verifying user profiles, S’More enhances its overall safety measures and reduces the risk of encountering malicious individuals or bots on the platform.

Moreover, S’More goes above and beyond by actively fighting against bots and fake accounts. These automated impostors can often be found lurking on other dating apps but not on S’More.

The app’s dedicated team strategically employs algorithms to detect suspicious activity, ensuring that users have an enjoyable experience free from fraudulent interactions.

To add another layer of protection, S’More offers two-step verification as an option for its users. This feature requires individuals to provide an extra form of identification during the login process, thereby strengthening account security against unauthorized access and potential scams.

S’ more also safeguards users’ privacy by manually reviewing all photos uploaded onto the platform. Combining human judgment with technology allows the app’s moderators to swiftly remove any inappropriate or explicit content before it reaches other users.

In terms of privacy policy, S’More operates under strict guidelines to keep user data confidential and secure. It clearly outlines how personal information is collected, used, stored, shared (if applicable), and destroyed when necessary. Users can familiarize themselves with these policies within the application itself or on S’More’s official website.

While S’More has taken commendable steps toward providing a safe online environment for its users, there are areas where improvements could be made in terms of safety and security measures. For instance, implementing profile authentication methods such as facial recognition software could enhance the verification process and further ensure the authenticity of user accounts. Additionally, continuously updating security protocols to protect against potential vulnerabilities is crucial in safeguarding user information from external threats.

In conclusion, S’More understands the importance of safety and security in online dating. By implementing verification processes, actively combating bots and fake accounts, offering two-step verification options, scrutinizing photos manually, and maintaining transparent privacy policies, S’More strives to provide its users with a secure platform for meaningful connections. However, ongoing improvements can further enhance safety measures and keep users protected in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Signing up

To register on the dating app S’More, individuals must follow a straightforward process that ensures seamless access to its features and functionalities. The minimum age requirement for registration is 18 years old, ensuring user safety and compliance with legal regulations. Registration on S’More is free of charge, allowing users to explore the platform’s offerings without any financial commitment.

To initiate the registration process, interested individuals can download the S’More app from their respective mobile device application stores. Once downloaded, they can launch the app and proceed to create their account.

Upon opening the app for the first time, users are prompted to enter some basic details such as their email address or phone number, along with a secure password.

These credentials serve as login information for subsequent accesses while maintaining account security and privacy.

After entering this initial information, individuals receive an email or text message verification code that needs to be entered within a specified timeframe to validate their contact information accurately. This step helps ensure that only genuine accounts are created on the platform.

Once successful verification has been completed, users move forward in creating their profile which forms an integral part of any dating app experience. This involves providing additional personal details such as name, gender identity, date of birth (to confirm eligibility), preferences in terms of seeking partners’ gender(s), short bio highlighting interests or hobbies – all contributing towards presenting oneself authentically within the online dating community.

In addition to textual information about themselves, members have options to enhance their profiles further by adding photos illustrating different aspects of their lives – like travel experiences, favorite outdoor activities or socializing events – enabling potential matches on S’More to gain more insights into each individual’s personality beyond just words.

With these elements complete, new users now have access to browse through potential matches using various search criteria and filters available on S’More. They may also engage with other members through icebreaker questions designed by S’More specifically to foster meaningful conversations and connections.

In summary, registering on S’More involves downloading the app, providing basic personal information, verifying contact details via an email or text message code, entering additional profile information with optional photo uploads, and gaining access to the platform. Users must be 18 years old or above to create an account on S’More, which is free of charge for all members seeking dating opportunities through this innovative app.

  • Must be at least 18 years old to sign up on S’More, as is the case with most dating apps.
  • Requires a valid email address to create an account on S’More, just like other dating apps.
  • Users are required to provide a unique and secure password during the sign-up process.
  • S’More has the option to sign up using your existing Facebook or Google account, making registration quicker and easier.
  • A profile picture must be uploaded to complete the sign-up process on S’More, as it is an essential aspect of most dating apps.
  • Users need to provide their basic information such as name, gender, and age while signing up on S’More, which is standard for dating app profiles.
  • S’More may require users to agree to its terms of service, privacy policy, and community guidelines during the registration process, similar to other dating apps.
  • Users may need to fill out additional optional questions or prompts to enhance their profile and increase compatibility with potential matches on S’More.

User Profiles

S’More is a dating app that aims to foster deeper connections by placing less focus on physical appearance and more emphasis on personality. In this article, we will discuss the user profiles on S’More – their visibility, customization options, location information, indications of distance between users, benefits for premium subscription holders, presence of fake profiles, profile privacy settings available to users, and the sign-in features.

User profiles on S’More are public; however, they come with a unique twist. Unlike traditional dating apps where one can immediately see profile pictures upon swiping or matching with someone, S’More initially displays blurred images. As users interact and get to know each other better through conversation and engagement over time (as measured by digital interactions), the photos gradually unblur.

The profiles are viewable publicly by any user of the app. This means that anyone using S’More has access to your basic information such as name, age, gender identity, occupation/education details (if shared), hometown/city (if mentioned), and custom bio if you choose to set one up. The custom bio option allows users to add a personalized touch to their profile descriptions.

Location information plays an essential role in connecting potential matches within proximity. By default, S’More shows approximate distances between users based on their location data but does not display precise locations such as specific addresses or coordinates. However, there is no feature available within the app that allows hiding or disabling location information entirely from appearing in user profiles.

In terms of benefits for premium subscription holders ("S’mores" subscribers), they enjoy several advantages over free members. Premium subscribers gain access to advanced messaging features like read receipts and the ability to send initial messages without limitations imposed by interaction requirements. Additionally, they receive unlimited daily recommendations compared to limited suggestions received by non-subscribers.

To ensure quality control and safety measures against spam accounts or fake profiles prevalent on some dating platforms today – S’More employs strict account verification processes. While it’s impossible to entirely eliminate the existence of fake profiles, S’More endeavors to maintain authenticity and legitimacy across its user base.

When it comes to profile privacy settings, users have control over certain aspects. They can choose whether or not to display their full name (the first initial is shown by default), hide specific personal details such as occupation/education or hometown/city, and decide what information they want to showcase in their bio section. However, there is no indication that users can set customized visibility for different parts of their profile beyond these options.

Lastly, S’More offers both Google and Facebook sign-in features as convenient login alternatives for new users who prefer those methods instead of creating a separate account.

In conclusion, S’More provides public user profiles with visible basic information such as name, age, gender identity, occupation/education details (if shared), hometown/city location info (without address precision), customizable bios, indications of distance between users based on approximate locations, benefits for premium subscription holders like advanced messaging features and unlimited recommendations per day. The app implements rigorous verification processes against fake profiles but cannot entirely eradicate them. Users have limited control over privacy settings but enjoy the convenience of logging in through Google or Facebook accounts.

Pricing & Premium Membership on S’More

The benefits of opting for a paid subscription with S’More, the popular gay dating app, are well worth considering. S’More offers competitive pricing options that cater to different preferences and budgets within the dating app market.

Unlike some other dating apps in the market, S’More provides users with certain features even without paying, allowing them to get a taste of what it has to offer. However, these free features have their limitations compared to the full range of premium features available to those who choose to upgrade their account.

To access all functionalities and unlock additional perks such as unlimited messaging, advanced search filters, and enhanced profile visibility, users can opt for one of S’More’s reasonably priced subscriptions. Payment methods include credit cards and other common online payment options accepted by most platforms.

When using S’More without paying or subscribing, there is still potential to make meaningful connections with fellow LGBTQ+ individuals looking for love or companionship. However, it’s important to note that users may face certain restrictions on usage and access fewer opportunities compared to subscribed members.

In summary, while it is possible to use S’More as a free user on its gay dating app platform, upgrading your account unlocks an array of enhanced features – expanding your chances of finding genuine connections within the LGBTQ+ community. With various competitively priced subscription tiers available and flexible payment methods at your disposal; embracing these advantages may be just the thing you need for a potentially more fruitful experience on this renowned app.

Subscription Option Price (per month) Features
Basic $9.99
Premium $19.99 ✔️ Unlimited Likes & Matches
✔️ Boost Profile Visibility
✔️ Access to Full Profiles
✔️ Rewind Last Swipe
Platinum $29.99 ✔️ All Features in Premium
✔️ Unlock Hidden Chats
✔️ See Who Liked You First
✔️ Ad-Free Experience


S’More, the dating app that focuses on building meaningful connections before revealing profile photos, does not have a website. Despite its popularity and success as a mobile app, S’More has chosen to stick with their app-only approach instead of expanding to a web platform. There are several possible reasons behind this decision.

One reason could be that S’More wants to create an exclusive and unique user experience solely on their mobile application. By limiting access to the app, they may believe it enhances the overall quality of interactions among users who are truly invested in the concept of getting to know someone beyond physical appearances.

Additionally, focusing solely on mobile devices allows S’More to take advantage of features like push notifications and location-based services that make for a more personalized experience.

Another reason why S’More might have decided against launching a website is the issue of security. Dating apps face inherent risks regarding data privacy and protecting user information from potential breaches or misuse. Keeping everything within their own controlled ecosystem could allow S’More to maintain tighter control over security protocols and minimize vulnerabilities commonly associated with online platforms.

While it’s unfortunate that there is no website for S’More, their emphasis on offering an exceptional mobile app experience has led them to ensure usability is optimized for both iOS and Android devices.

The app provides simple navigation through its intuitive interface, making it easy for users to explore profiles, engage in conversations, and customize their preferences without any significant learning curve.

However, one potential drawback is the limited screen real estate available on mobile devices compared to larger desktop or laptop screens typically found when using websites. While S’More has designed an attractive layout compatible with smaller screens, some users might find it less visually appealing due to reduced space for displaying profiles or images.

In conclusion, while S’More does not currently offer a website for users seeking alternative ways of accessing its platform outside of smartphones or tablets, this intentional omission helps maintain exclusivity within their mobile app environment and may contribute to enhanced security measures. Nonetheless, S’More emphasizes a user-friendly design optimized for mobile devices that aims to deliver an engaging dating experience focused on meaningful connections beyond superficial appearances.

S’More features

S’More, a popular dating app known for its unique approach to online connections, offers both free and paid features to enhance the user experience. Unlike other dating apps, S’More stands out with its innovative “Icebreaker” feature that encourages meaningful conversations from the start. With this tool, users can ask or answer questions related to interests, values, and aspirations before even viewing profile pictures.

Another noteworthy aspect of S’More is its blurred photo policy for initial interactions – this not only encourages individuals to focus on personal qualities rather than physical appearances but also adds an element of mystery and curiosity to the dating process. These distinctive features set S’More apart from other generic dating apps in the market today, making it an attractive option for those seeking genuine connections within the realm of modern romance.

  • S’More is a unique dating app that puts personality first, allowing users to get to know each other beyond just physical appearance.
  • Unlike most dating apps, S’More encourages meaningful conversations by gradually revealing profile pictures as the conversation progresses.
  • The app offers a "Discover" feature that enables users to connect with like-minded individuals based on shared interests and values.
  • S’More stands out among gay dating apps by providing a safe and inclusive platform for LGBTQ+ individuals to find meaningful connections.
  • With its innovative approach, S’More aims to redefine the dating app experience by prioritizing personal connections over superficial judgments.


1. How to use S’More without paying?

So, if you want to test out S’More without shelling out any cash, here’s the deal: this awesome dating app offers a bunch of free features! You can create a profile and start swiping while enjoying unlimited messaging with your matches. However, keep in mind that some premium perks may require an upgrade down the line, but for now, enjoy the fun for free!

2. How does S’More website work?

S’More is not your typical dating app – it flips the script! Instead of showcasing someone’s perfect selfie, S’More users start with blurred photos and get to know each other through conversation first. As you engage in chat, the pictures gradually unblur, making connections more about personalities than appearances. It’s a refreshing take on gay dating apps that encourages meaningful conversations before swiping right based solely on looks.

3. Is S’More a scam?

No way, S’More is definitely not a scam! It’s one of the best dating apps out there for anyone seeking meaningful connections. Whether you’re into straight or gay dating, this app transforms the traditional concept by focusing on personality before looks, giving users a refreshing and authentic experience.

4. How to register for S’More?

Registering for S’More is super simple! Just download the app from either your phone’s App Store or Google Play, and then follow the step-by-step instructions to create your profile. It’s a refreshing change from other dating apps as it focuses more on getting to know someone beyond just their pictures. So go ahead, take a bite out of this deliciously different dating app experience!

5. Is S’More working and can you find someone there?

So, I tried out S’More, this new dating app that’s supposed to be different from other dating apps. Gotta say, it actually seems to be working! It takes away the superficial swiping and focuses more on getting to know someone by revealing their photo gradually as you chat. Plus, it caters to all orientations, so it’s a win-win for those of us looking for love in the gay dating app world. Give it a go if you’re tired of regular old dating apps!

6. Can you send messages for free on S’More?

No, unfortunately S’More doesn’t quite fall into the free messaging category. It’s a bit different from other dating apps out there, including gay dating apps, as on S’More you need to engage with profiles before actually unlocking the ability to send messages. But hey, maybe that extra step helps foster meaningful connections!

7. How to cancel subscription on S’More?

To cancel your subscription on S’More, simply go to the settings menu within the app, find the "Subscription" section, and tap on it. From there, you can easily cancel your subscription and bid adieu to another dating app experience. No more swiping for now!


In summary, S’More is a unique and innovative dating app that aims to foster meaningful connections through its unconventional approach. By prioritizing conversation over instant physical attraction, it curates a more authentic and sincere dating experience. The incorporation of video profiles adds an extra layer of authenticity and allows users to truly get to know potential matches beyond just their photos and bios.

Additionally, the Anti-ghosting feature helps address one of the most common frustrations in online dating by encouraging all users to actively engage with each other. While S’More’s user base may be limited compared to some mainstream apps, its focus on quality rather than quantity ensures a higher likelihood for successful matches. Overall, S’More presents an intriguing alternative for anyone seeking something different in the world of online dating – a refreshing change that values substance and connection above all else

Violet Brooks

Violet Brooks is an online dating expert who has dedicated her life to helping others find love. She started out as a relationship blogger, writing reviews on different sites and apps in order to help people make informed decisions about their romantic lives. After seeing the positive impact of her work, Violet decided to pursue it further by obtaining degrees in psychology and sociology from Harvard University. With over ten years of experience researching relationships and digital communication trends, Violet has become one of the most respected experts within this field today. Her expertise lies not only with understanding how technology affects our social interactions but also with recognizing patterns that can lead us towards more successful partnerships both online or offline. Through her research she provides insight into what makes two people compatible while offering advice on how best to approach potential partners through various platforms such as dating websites or mobile applications like Tinder or Bumble.. Growing up surrounded by family members who were happily married for decades inspired Violet's passion for finding lasting connections between individuals which led her down this path initially - although since then she's had countless success stories that have kept driving her forward ever since! With each new article written about modern romance, every podcast episode released discussing current issues surrounding relationships – even when giving talks at universities around the world; there's no doubt that if you want reliable information regarding your own search for true love than look no further than Violet Brooks!

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