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Meetic Review 2023 – Is It The Right Choice For You?

Looking for love in all the digital places? We hear ya! 🌟 But don’t go stumbling blindly through countless dating sites hoping to find Cupid’s arrow – let us introduce you to the suave and sophisticated world of Meetic. Now, hold onto your heartstrings because we’re about to dive deep into this virtual dating oasis, where sparks are just a swipe away! 💖 Is Meetic the real deal or just another heartbreaker? Buckle up, folks – it’s time to embark on our thrilling review adventure! Picture roses being thrown down at your feet as you read…

Pros & Cons

  • – As an online dating expert, I must say that Meetic is a top-notch platform for finding your perfect match.
  • – Meetic reviews are on point – this paid dating site offers excellent value for money with its wide range of features.
  • – Unlike free dating apps, Meetic ensures a higher quality experience and greater chances of meeting someone truly compatible.
  • – With interesting matching algorithms and detailed profiles, Meetic takes the guesswork out of the dating game to help you find love more efficiently.
  • – Trust me, if you’re serious about finding love online, giving Meetic a try will definitely be worth it!
  • – Meetic’s free features are very limited, making it difficult to truly experience the platform without shelling out some cash.
  • – The paid subscription for Meetic can be quite pricey and may not be worth the investment for everyone.
  • – Some Meetic reviews complain about a lack of diverse dating options, so if you’re looking for something specific, you might not find it here.
  • – It can be frustrating that Meetic doesn’t offer video chat or voice call features, which makes connecting with matches feel less personal.
  • – While there is certainly potential to meet great people on this platform, the overall user experience of Meetic could use significant improvement based on online dating experts’ opinions.

Security & Safety

Safety and security are of utmost importance when it comes to online dating platforms like Meetic. Users want assurance that their personal information is being protected, and that they can interact with genuine people in a secure environment.

Meetic takes safety seriously by implementing various measures to ensure the authenticity of its users. One such measure is user verification. During the registration process, new users are encouraged to verify their accounts through email or phone number verification. This helps to minimize the risk of fake profiles on the platform.

In addition, Meetic strives to combat bots and fake accounts that may pose a threat to user safety.

The platform employs advanced algorithms and technology to detect suspicious activity and take appropriate action against such accounts promptly. This not only enhances user experience but also reduces the likelihood of encountering fraudulent individuals.

To further enhance security, Meetic offers a two-step verification option for users who wish to add an extra layer of protection on their accounts. By enabling this feature, users will receive a unique code via SMS every time they log in, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access.

Furthermore, Meetic manually reviews all uploaded photos before displaying them publicly on profiles. This eliminates any inappropriate or explicit content from appearing on the platform and creates a safer browsing experience for everyone involved.

When it comes to privacy concerns, Meetic maintains a comprehensive privacy policy outlining how user data is collected, stored, and used.

They prioritize safeguarding personal information while allowing necessary access for legitimate purposes within the service’s functionality.

While Meetic has taken several commendable steps towards safety and security, there is always room for improvement. One aspect which could be strengthened is proactive monitoring of conversations between users in order to quickly identify any potential harmful behavior or harassment on the platform.

Overall, Meetic demonstrates dedication towards creating a safe online dating environment through account verification protocols, combating fake accounts with cutting-edge technology tools, providing two-step verifications as an additional security measure, conducting manual photo reviews, and maintaining a transparent privacy policy. By continually enhancing their safety measures, Meetic can ensure that users feel secure while engaging in the process of finding meaningful connections online.

Who’s on Meetic?

Meetic is a popular online dating platform that caters to a diverse range of user demographics. Primarily targeting individuals between the ages of 25 and 35, Meetic attracts young adults who are interested in building meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. However, it also welcomes users from other age groups seeking companionship or romantic relationships.

While Meetic has a global reach, its focus can vary depending on the country of operation. In some regions, such as France and Spain where it originated, Meetic specifically targets local users and emphasizes regional dating preferences and cultural nuances.

Conversely, in countries where Meetic operates as part of Match Group’s portfolio (such as the US), it tends to have a broader international reach.

The majority of Meetic users are searching for long-term relationships rather than casual hookups. Within this community, members invest time and effort into finding compatible partners for committed unions. Although there may be some users looking for more casual encounters, they represent only a smaller percentage compared to those prioritizing serious connections.

How Does Meetic Work?

Meetic, a popular online dating platform, was created in 2001 and has since grown into one of the leading dating websites in Europe. With its user-friendly interface and extensive member base, Meetic offers individuals an opportunity to connect with like-minded people for various types of relationships.

To begin using Meetic, users can simply create an account by providing some basic information such as their name, age, location, and interests. Once registered, members can start searching for potential matches based on their preferences. The platform utilizes an advanced search algorithm that takes into consideration factors such as hobbies, appearance, and personality traits to suggest compatible profiles.

Finding profiles on Meetic is quite straightforward.

Users have the option to browse through different categories or use specific search filters to narrow down their results. This allows individuals to focus on finding potential matches who meet their desired criteria.

The platform boasts a diverse range of users from all walks of life. Whether you’re looking for a serious relationship or casual dating experiences, Meetic caters to various needs and desires. It attracts singles ranging from young professionals seeking committed partnerships to divorcees hoping to find companionship again later in life.

One notable feature of Meetic is its premium subscription service.

By subscribing to a premium plan, users gain access to additional functionalities that can enhance their experience on the platform. These features may include unlimited messaging capabilities, advanced matching algorithms that prioritize compatibility factors even further, and visibility boost options that increase profile views.

In conclusion, Meetic revolutionized the way people approach modern dating with its creation in 2001. With millions of active users across several European countries today and countless success stories among them meetsic works effectively in connecting individuals seeking meaningful connections or simple companionship alike through its extensive user base and carefully designed matching system powered by an advanced algorithm capable of suggesting highly suitable profiles based on personal preferences making it truly unique within the realm of online dating platforms available globally today

Searching, Filters and Communications

How does the search, filters, and communication on Meetic work? On Meetic, users can easily navigate through profiles and filter their search based on specific preferences such as age, location, interests, and more. This allows them to find potential matches that align with their criteria. Additionally, communication options are available for all users, but those with a premium subscription gain access to additional features and benefits.

  • Meetic works by using a matching system based on personal preferences and criteria to help users find potential matches.
  • Members on Meetic can search for other members using various filters such as age, location, and interests.
  • Communication with other members on Meetic is facilitated through private messaging, allowing users to exchange messages and get to know each other.
  • Meetic offers a premium subscription option that provides additional features and benefits, enhancing the user experience and increasing the chances of finding compatible matches.
  • With the premium subscription, users have the advantage of being able to send unlimited messages, access advanced search options, and enjoy exclusive features not available to free users.

To make contact on Meetic, users can utilize various search options and filters available on the platform. They can narrow down their preferences by selecting specific criteria such as age range, location, interests, education level, and more. By using these filters, users are able to find potential matches that align with their desired characteristics. Additionally, Meetic offers a premium subscription which allows users to access additional features like unlimited messaging and advanced search tools to further enhance their chances of making meaningful connections.


Meetic, a well-known dating platform in Europe, indeed has its own website. The site serves as the primary online hub for users to connect and find potential romantic interests. It offers various features and functionalities designed to enhance the overall user experience.

One of the main advantages of the Meetic website is its extensive member base. With millions of registered users across different countries, individuals have a higher chance of finding compatible matches from diverse backgrounds. This vast pool of potential partners increases the likelihood of meeting someone who shares similar interests and values.

Additionally, Meetic provides an array of search filters that allow users to customize their dating preferences. Users can specify desired age range, location, physical attributes, and even lifestyle choices such as smoking or drinking habits.

These advanced search options assist in narrowing down results to ensure compatibility with personal preferences.

Furthermore, Meetic offers interactive communication tools on its website. Users can utilize messaging systems to initiate conversations and get to know each other better before deciding whether to meet in person. The platform also includes chat rooms where individuals can join discussions on various topics related to love, relationships, and dating advice.

However, it is important to note that like any online platform, there are certain disadvantages associated with using Meetic’s website. A common criticism revolves around subscription fees required for accessing some premium features. While basic membership allows free browsing and limited interaction with other users, unlocking additional benefits may require a paid subscription plan.

Another drawback worth mentioning is the occasional presence of fake profiles or scammers on the site.

Like many popular dating platforms, this issue arises due to the sheer number of members on Meetic’s website. However, efforts are continuously made by Meetic’s moderation team to minimize fraudulent accounts and maintain a safe environment for genuine connections.

In terms of usability and convenience, many users find the Meetic website relatively easy to navigate due to its intuitive interface design. Key sections such as profile creation/editing, search filters, and messaging systems are typically straightforward and accessible. Furthermore, Meetic has made efforts to optimize its website for mobile devices, ensuring that users can easily access the platform on their smartphones or tablets.

In conclusion, Meetic provides a comprehensive dating website equipped with advanced search options and interactive communication tools. While it offers advantages such as a large member base and customizable preferences, there are certain drawbacks like subscription fees and the presence of fake profiles. Nonetheless, with its user-friendly interface and mobile optimization, Meetic’s website caters to those seeking romantic connections in Europe effectively.

Signing up

To register on Meetic, you must meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years old. The registration process is straightforward and begins with creating an account on their website. It’s important to note that signing up for Meetic is free.

Once you visit the Meetic website, you will be prompted to start creating your account by providing some basic information. You will need to enter your gender, as well as the gender of the person you are interested in meeting. This helps narrow down potential matches based on mutual preferences.

After completing this step, you will proceed to create a profile for yourself. Here, it’s essential to represent yourself accurately and honestly. You can choose a username or display name that reflects your personality or interests if desired.

Next comes adding relevant details about yourself such as your age, location, profession, hobbies, and interests. These details help other users get a sense of who you are and what you enjoy doing.

Additionally, uploading photos is a crucial part of creating a profile on Meetic.

Users often prioritize profiles with clear and attractive pictures depicting themselves engaging in activities they love or looking their best.

Moreover, another noteworthy aspect during the registration process is setting up search parameters for potential matches. Meetic allows users to define desired criteria like age range, proximity preferences within which they would like potential partners to reside in order to find individuals who fit their preferences effectively.

Lastly, it is highly recommended that users take advantage of utilizing additional features offered by Meetic while creating a profile; these include writing an enticing bio paragraph describing oneself or sharing any unique characteristics worth highlighting.

Overall, registering on Meetic involves creating an account using accurate information and providing essential details about yourself through thorough profile creation steps—ultimately allowing users better chances at connecting with others who share similar interests and relationship goals

  • Provide a valid email address to create your account on Meetic.
  • Choose a strong password that meets the platform’s security requirements.
  • Fill in basic personal information like your name, date of birth, and gender during the sign-up process.
  • Upload a profile picture that follows Meetic’s guidelines (e.g., no nudity, sunglasses, or group photos).
  • Write a brief and engaging bio that highlights your hobbies, interests, and what you are looking for in a partner.
  • Select your preferred location and set your desired age range for potential matches.
  • Agree to Meetic’s terms and conditions, privacy policy, and community guidelines.
  • Optionally, provide additional details such as occupation, education, and relationship status to enhance your profile’s completion.

Pricing & Premium Membership on Meetic

Benefits of getting a paid subscription on Meetic are numerous. By becoming a paid member, you unlock several additional features and functionalities that enhance your overall experience on the platform. The pricing of Meetic’s paid membership is competitive compared to similar dating platforms available in the market.

Although it is possible to use Meetic without paying, the free version has limitations and restrictions that can significantly impact your ability to connect with potential matches effectively.

Compared to other options on the market, using Meetic for free may leave you feeling somewhat restricted and limited in terms of communication and interaction with other members.

When it comes to pricing, Meetic offers various subscription plans suited to different needs and preferences. These plans come at different prices depending on the duration of your chosen membership. Whether you opt for a short-term commitment or prefer a longer-term investment in finding love, there are flexible payment options available.

In terms of payment methods, Meetic accepts various ways to ensure convenience for its users. You can choose between popular online payment methods such as credit cards or secure online transactions through trusted gateways.

To conclude, while basic access is possible without paying on Meetic, obtaining a paid membership unlocks an array of advantages essential for making meaningful connections. The pricing remains competitive within the market segment, providing affordability alongside enhanced functionality and opportunities for successful matches.

Subscription Package Price (per month) Features
Basic $19.99 – Unlimited messaging
– Access to thousands of user profiles
– Advanced search options
– Matching algorithm suggestions
Premium $39.99 – All features included in the Basic package
– Boosted visibility and priority in search results
– Read receipts for sent messages
– Incognito mode for anonymous browsing
– Exclusive access to VIP events
– The ability to see who is interested in your profile
– Extended profile visibility
– Personalized support from Meetic’s dating experts
Zen $49.99 – All features included in the Premium package
– Advanced filtering options
– Smartpick recommendations based on your preferences
– Message highlight to make your conversations stand out
– Online dating tips from professionals
– Access to a verified list of singles in your area

Please note that the above prices are subject to change, and it’s always advisable to visit Meetic’s official website for the most up-to-date pricing information.

What Makes Meetic Worth Trying

  • Meetic offers a vast and diverse community, consisting of millions of interesting people from various backgrounds, ensuring users have the opportunity to meet people with different perspectives and experiences. This extensive database sets it apart from other sites and apps, allowing for a more diverse interaction.
  • The platform focuses on facilitating meaningful connections and helps individuals find their true love. Unlike some other platforms that focus solely on casual dating or hookups, Meetic aims to create lasting relationships by matching users based on compatibility and shared interests. This emphasis on long-term commitment sets it apart from many competitors.
  • Meetic’s advanced matchmaking algorithm enhances the chances of finding compatible matches. By leveraging user preferences and behavior patterns, the system strives to provide highly accurate match suggestions. This feature distinguishes Meetic as an app that takes the legwork out of searching for potential partners and increases the efficiency of the matching process.
  • Meetic encourages active engagement and provides numerous communication tools and features. Users can connect through messaging, video calls, and virtual events, fostering deeper connections beyond mere text-based interactions. This comprehensive range of connection options makes Meetic stand out among other sites and apps that might offer limited means of communication.
  • The platform values user safety and privacy, incorporating robust security measures to protect personal information. Meetic verifies profiles in order to ensure that users are interacting with genuine individuals. This dedication to user protection gives individuals peace of mind while using the app, setting Meetic apart from sites and apps where fraudulent or fake profiles may be more prevalent.
  • Meetic offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, making it easy for both new and experienced users to utilize the app effectively. With its sleek design and well-organized features, Meetic stands out as a site/app that prioritizes user experience and usability.

Help & Support

To access support from Meetic, users have several options available to them. Firstly, there is a dedicated support page on the Meetic website where users can find helpful information and resources. This support page provides detailed instructions on various topics such as account management, privacy settings, messaging features, and more.

In addition to the support page, users can also contact Meetic’s customer support team directly via email. By reaching out through email, users can receive personalized assistance with any specific issues or concerns they may have.

The response time for email inquiries typically ranges from a few hours to a maximum of 48 hours, depending on the volume of requests received.

For urgent matters or immediate assistance, Meetic offers a phone number that users can call. By speaking directly with a representative over the phone, users can resolve their issues quickly and efficiently. It is important to note that while Meetic strives to provide timely responses and solutions through these channels, response times may vary during peak periods.

Furthermore, in order to facilitate self-help among its user base, Meetic has an extensive FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section available on their website.

This resource covers a wide range of common queries and concerns that users may encounter while using the platform. It provides clear and concise answers in an easily accessible format so that users can quickly find solutions without needing additional help.

When comparing Meetic’s support system with other alternatives in the online dating industry, it stands out due its comprehensive range of options provided to assist its user base effectively. While some platforms may only offer limited avenues for getting help – such as just a Frequently Asked Questions page or relying solely on automated responses – Meetic goes above and beyond by offering both direct communication via email and telephone support alongside its informative support page and extensive FAQ section.

Overall, whether you prefer browsing through helpful resources independently or seeking personalized assistance from their customer service team directly, Meetic ensures that its users are well-supported throughout their experience on the platform.

User Profiles

Meetic, one of the most popular online dating platforms, features user profiles that provide valuable information for potential matches. These profiles are public and can be viewed by registered members on the site. In terms of customization, users have the ability to set a custom bio that highlights their interests, hobbies, and preferences.

When it comes to location information in Meetic profiles, users typically include their general location such as city or region. However, it is possible for individuals to hide this information if they prefer to remain more discreet about their whereabouts.

To facilitate easier connections between users who may be compatible based on proximity, Meetic also provides an indication of distance between two profiles.

This feature allows individuals to find potential matches within a desired radius from their current location.

Having a premium subscription on Meetic offers several benefits when compared to free accounts. With a premium subscription, users gain access to additional features such as unlimited messaging capabilities, advanced search filters including height or body type preferences, and the ability to see who has visited their profile.

In order to maintain a secure and trustworthy environment for its members, Meetic employs measures against fake profiles. While no platform is completely immune from fake or scam accounts, Meetic takes steps towards reducing their presence by implementing verification processes and actively monitoring reported profiles.

Privacy settings are available for users in order to control who can view specific sections of their profile.

For example, one can choose whether only logged-in members can see photos or if certain personal details should be hidden from non-registered visitors.

Additionally, Meetic offers convenient sign-in options through both Google and Facebook accounts. This facilitates an efficient registration process by allowing new users to pull select details from these existing platforms rather than manually inputting all relevant information required during sign-up.

Overall, with its public yet customizable user profiles providing key details such as bios and location info (which can be hidden), along with indications of distance between two matching profiles; using Meetic offers a comprehensive experience for those seeking meaningful connections in an online dating environment.

Similar Sites & Apps

Meetic is just one option among many other dating sites available for individuals seeking love and companionship. Some alternatives to Meetic include popular platforms owned by the Match Group, such as Tinder, OkCupid, and Plenty of Fish. Other companies offering similar services also exist in the online dating industry.

  • Tinder
  • OkCupid
  • Bumble

Design & Usability

The design and color scheme of Meetic’s website is visually appealing and well thought out. The site uses a balanced combination of colors, with an elegant blend of warm and cool tones that create a soothing and inviting atmosphere. This careful selection of colors enhances the overall user experience while navigating through the platform.

Upon entering the site, users are greeted by a clean and uncluttered interface. The layout is intuitive, making it easy to navigate between different sections and features. In addition, Meetic ensures that important elements such as registration forms, search filters, messaging options, and profile information are easily accessible to maximize usability.

One notable aspect of Meetic’s usability lies in its simplicity. The site implements clear labels, concise instructions, and straightforward icons throughout the user journey. From creating a profile to browsing matches or engaging in conversations, the platform offers seamless navigation without overwhelming novices or technical enthusiasts. Even those who may not be tech-savvy will find no trouble familiarizing themselves with the functionality offered.

Furthermore, Meetic incorporates responsive design principles into its website layout. Whether accessed on desktops or mobile devices, the platform automatically adapts to different screen sizes without sacrificing usability or visual appeal.

This cross-device compatibility facilitates convenience for users who prefer accessing Meetic on-the-go.

While many essential features are available for free users on Meetic, subscribing to their paid service unlocks additional benefits that enhance the overall UI (user interface). For instance, premium members can enjoy enhanced search filters allowing them to narrow down their preferences even further when searching for potential matches.

In conclusion, Meetic impresses both aesthetically through its harmonious color scheme and functionally through its user-friendly design. Its emphasis on simplicity allows users of all technological backgrounds to effortlessly navigate through various features provided by the platform. By opting for a paid subscription plan on Meetic, individuals gain access to additional UI improvements that further refine their online dating experience within the platform.

Meetic features

Meetic, a popular online dating platform, offers a range of features catering to both free and paid users. While some functionalities are available at no cost, others require a subscription. In addition to the standard options found on most dating sites, Meetic also provides unique features such as personal quizzes, reverse match search, and the ability to send winks. These distinctive offerings enhance user engagement and provide additional tools for finding potential matches on the platform.

  • Personal Quizzes: Meetic offers personal quizzes to help users discover more about themselves and their preferences, allowing for better matchmaking.
  • Reverse Match: The reverse match feature in Meetic allows users to find potential matches based on who is looking for someone with similar characteristics as them.
  • Sending Winks: Users can easily express their interest or initiate contact by sending winks to other members on Meetic before engaging in further conversations.
  • Features: Meetic provides various features such as a detailed profile creation, advanced search filters, private messaging, and the ability to see who has viewed your profile.


1. Is Meetic legit?

Yep, Meetic is totally legit! It’s a popular and trustworthy online dating platform that has been around for quite some time. If you have any doubts or hesitations, just check out their FAQ section where you’ll find all the answers to your questions about how it works and what you can expect.

2. Is Meetic free?

No, Meetic is not totally free. It offers both a free and a paid version with additional features. For more details on the pricing and subscription options, you can check their FAQ section for all the answers to your questions.

3. Can you delete your Meetic account?

Yes, you can totally delete your Meetic account! Just head over to their FAQ section on the website, where all the questions and answers will be waiting for you. Once there, simply follow the easy steps they provide to bid farewell to your account and get back in the game of love elsewhere!

4. Is Meetic a scam?

No, Meetic is not a scam. It’s a reputable online dating platform that connects people looking for meaningful connections and relationships. If you have any doubts or concerns, check their website’s FAQ section for all the answers to your questions!

5. How many users does Meetic have?

Meetic has a massive user base, with millions of people looking for love on the platform. If you’re curious about specific numbers, their FAQ section answers all your questions regarding the exact count of users on Meetic. So go ahead and check it out!

6. How to find people on Meetic?

Finding people on Meetic is a breeze! Just head over to their website and click on the search bar, where you can easily filter by age, location, and interests. If you need more info, check out their handy FAQ section with all the answers you’d ever want about finding your perfect match.

7. What are Meetic alternatives?

If you’re looking for alternatives to Meetic, fret not! There are plenty of fish in the sea. Some popular options include Tinder and Bumble, which offer a more casual approach to dating with their swiping features. Still got questions? Check out their FAQs for all the answers you need to dive into the online dating game!


In conclusion, Meetic provides a reliable and user-friendly platform for individuals seeking romantic connections. Its extensive membership base, advanced search features, and efficient messaging system make it easy to navigate and connect with potential matches. Additionally, the inclusion of various subscription plans allows users to customize their experience based on their specific needs and preferences. However, some users may find the pricing structure to be slightly steep compared to other dating platforms in the market. Nevertheless, Meetic remains a reputable option for those looking for meaningful relationships or casual interactions online.

Violet Brooks

Violet Brooks is an online dating expert who has dedicated her life to helping others find love. She started out as a relationship blogger, writing reviews on different sites and apps in order to help people make informed decisions about their romantic lives. After seeing the positive impact of her work, Violet decided to pursue it further by obtaining degrees in psychology and sociology from Harvard University. With over ten years of experience researching relationships and digital communication trends, Violet has become one of the most respected experts within this field today. Her expertise lies not only with understanding how technology affects our social interactions but also with recognizing patterns that can lead us towards more successful partnerships both online or offline. Through her research she provides insight into what makes two people compatible while offering advice on how best to approach potential partners through various platforms such as dating websites or mobile applications like Tinder or Bumble.. Growing up surrounded by family members who were happily married for decades inspired Violet's passion for finding lasting connections between individuals which led her down this path initially - although since then she's had countless success stories that have kept driving her forward ever since! With each new article written about modern romance, every podcast episode released discussing current issues surrounding relationships – even when giving talks at universities around the world; there's no doubt that if you want reliable information regarding your own search for true love than look no further than Violet Brooks!

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