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Coffee Meets Bagel Review – Unlocking New Dating Opportunities

Are you tired of swiping through a sea of boring profiles on dating apps? Well, I’ve got just the thing to perk up your love life! Enter Coffee Meets Bagel, the app that promises to deliver “quality matches over quantity.” But does it live up to its bold claim or is it just another ho-hum option in the crowded world of online dating?

Buckle up and join me as we dive into the delightful caffeinated adventure that is Coffee Meets Bagel – where every connection could be grounds for something special. Can this app brew up some romance in your life? Let’s find out together, shall we?!

Pros & Cons

  • – Coffee Meets Bagel is the best dating app for anyone who loves their morning buzz, ’cause nothing says love like a cup of joe.
  • – With Coffee Meets Bagel, you don’t have to swipe all day on endless profiles; they deliver just one delicious bagel (potential match) every noon.
  • – Forget those awkward icebreakers, as Coffee Meets Bagel provides conversation starters so smooth, you’ll be sipping your latte while chatting effortlessly.
  • – No need to worry about fake profiles ruining your online dating experience because Coffee Meets Bagel guarantees quality matches without any catfish surprises.
  • – Oh, did I mention they give out free beans? Score some extra goodness with these magical legumes or indulge in their premium membership for even more special features.
  • – The free beans system on Coffee Meets Bagel can be a bit confusing and limiting when you want to connect with more potential matches.
  • – Compared to other dating apps and sites, the user base of Coffee Meets Bagel might not be as large or diverse.
  • – While the app claims to provide quality matches, sometimes it feels like there are limited options available each day, leaving you hungry for more choices.
  • – In order to access special features and get the full experience, you’ll need to shell out some cash for their premium membership.
  • – Like any online dating platform, Coffee Meets Bagel is not immune to fake profiles lurking here and there.

Who’s on Coffee Meets Bagel?

Coffee Meets Bagel is a dating app that specifically targets young professionals seeking meaningful connections rather than casual encounters. The platform primarily caters to individuals between the ages of 25 and 34, with this age group making up a significant portion of its user base. While Coffee Meets Bagel’s demographics span across various countries, it has gained popularity particularly in the United States.

Users of Coffee Meets Bagel are predominantly interested in forging long-term relationships rather than engaging in short-lived flings.

With an emphasis on quality over quantity, the app aims to provide curated matches who align with users’ preferences. This sets it apart from other dating platforms by focusing on more serious relationship-seeking individuals.

Although Coffee Meets Bagel started as a popular app among American users, it has expanded its reach globally over time and currently attracts users from around the world. Although specific statistics may vary depending on location and cultural factors, its approach to online dating resonates with many individuals seeking deeper connections beyond superficial attraction.

Overall, Coffee Meets Bagel appeals to ambitious young professionals aged 25-34 who prioritize finding meaningful relationships over casual hookups. Its global reach enables people from different countries to join the platform while sharing similar relationship goals.

Similar Sites & Apps

While Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) is a popular dating app, there are numerous other dating services available. These alternative dating apps provide users with different features and matching algorithms to cater to diverse preferences and needs in the online dating realm. Exploring these other options can expand one’s horizons and increase their chances of finding a meaningful connection beyond what the CMB app offers.

  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Match.com

Security & Safety

Safety and security are of utmost importance when it comes to online dating platforms like Coffee Meets Bagel. With the ever-increasing concerns about privacy breaches and fraudulent activities, users need reassurance that their personal information is in safe hands.

Coffee Meets Bagel recognizes this concern and takes various measures to ensure a secure environment for its users. One crucial aspect of user safety is the verification process. To maintain authenticity among its members, Coffee Meets Bagel offers an optional verification feature. Users can choose to verify their profiles by linking their account with their Facebook or phone number, adding an extra layer of trust.

In addition to profile verification, Coffee Meets Bagel actively fights against bots and fake accounts. The platform employs advanced algorithms and manual screening processes to detect suspicious activity and promptly remove such accounts from its system.

This commitment helps create a more genuine community where people can connect without the worry of encountering fake profiles.

To further enhance security, Coffee Meets Bagel offers a two-step verification option for its users. By enabling this feature, individuals add an extra level of protection to their accounts by requiring a unique code sent via SMS whenever they log in from a new device or browser.

When it comes to user-generated content, especially photos, Coffee Meets Bagel ensures stringent review procedures. The platform manually reviews all uploaded images before making them visible on user profiles. This focus on scrutinizing photos aids in maintaining decorum within the app, safeguarding users against explicit or inappropriate content.

Privacy plays a vital role in fostering trust between users and any online platform they engage with. Coffee Meets Bagel acknowledges this significance by implementing robust privacy policies.

They prioritize keeping personal data confidential and employ industry-standard encryption methods throughout their systems.

While Coffee Meets Bagel has made commendable efforts to provide a secure experience for its users, there are still areas where improvement could be beneficial. For instance, enhancing transparency regarding data usage and storage practices could further instill confidence among users. Additionally, implementing more comprehensive reporting mechanisms to address any potential safety breaches or user concerns would be valuable.

In conclusion, Coffee Meets Bagel demonstrates a strong commitment to the safety and security of its users. With features like profile verification, proactive bot detection measures, two-step verification, manual photo reviews, and robust privacy policies in place, the platform creates an environment that promotes genuine connections. However, continuing to prioritize transparency and expanding reporting mechanisms would further enhance user satisfaction and trust in the platform’s safety protocols.

Design & Usability

Coffee Meets Bagel boasts a modern and visually appealing design, utilizing a soothing color scheme that primarily consists of muted tones such as soft grays and blues. This thoughtful choice of colors exudes a sense of calmness and comfort, creating an inviting atmosphere for users to engage with the platform.

The website’s interface is intelligently crafted to be user-friendly, offering seamless navigation and intuitive interactions. The layout is clean and uncluttered, allowing users to focus on the essential elements without distractions. Clear headings and strategically placed buttons facilitate straightforward access to various features, effortlessly guiding users through their journey.

Usability takes center stage in Coffee Meets Bagel’s design philosophy.

Upon arrival, users are promptly greeted by a simple yet engaging homepage that seamlessly integrates key functionalities. The sign-up process is hassle-free and doesn’t overwhelm new users with excessive information or tasks. Important details regarding potential matches are conveniently displayed through concise profiles, including photos and brief summaries which offer just enough insight into each individual while maintaining an air of mystery.

Navigating through the app feels like second nature due to its highly accessible features. Users can easily view their connections within clearly labeled tabs, providing swift access to messages exchanged or potential matches waiting for attention. Moreover, Coffee Meets Bagel employs smart algorithms that curate personalized recommendations based on preferences previously expressed by each user – ultimately streamlining the search for compatible partners.

While Coffee Meets Bagel presents itself impressively from an overall usability standpoint even without purchasing a subscription plan, opting for their paid service offers additional UI improvements. By subscribing, members gain access to enhanced filters for refining searches based on specific criteria like education level or ethnicity; this added flexibility further empowers individuals seeking unique compatibility traits beyond what the free version offers.

In conclusion, Coffee Meets Bagel delivers a meticulously designed platform defined by its tasteful color palette and sleek interface. Seamlessly combining style with functionality ensures smooth usage across its various features, while the intuitive layout permits effortless navigation and engagement. Whether one chooses to explore with the free version or invests in a paid subscription for an enhanced UI experience, Coffee Meets Bagel prides itself on delivering an interface that caters to users’ desires for connection in a modern and efficient manner.

What Makes Coffee Meets Bagel Worth Trying

  • Coffee Meets Bagel is known for providing high quality matches. The platform uses a unique algorithm that carefully selects potential matches based on various preferences, such as age, location, and interests. This ensures that users are presented with compatible profiles, increasing the likelihood of finding meaningful connections compared to other sites and apps that rely solely on swiping or basic search criteria.

  • Unlike many other dating platforms, Coffee Meets Bagel encourages users to focus on one potential match per day. This limited daily selection allows individuals to dedicate their attention to getting to know someone better before moving on to the next profile. This approach promotes a more deliberate and thoughtful dating experience, ideal for those seeking serious relationships rather than casual flings or overwhelming messages from multiple prospective partners.

  • Coffee Meets Bagel has gained recognition for its emphasis on promoting women’s preferences and safety. It prioritizes giving women full control over who can communicate with them, preventing unwanted interactions and reducing instances of harassment commonly encountered on other dating platforms. By putting women’s needs at the forefront, Coffee Meets Bagel sets itself apart as a dating app that values user comfort and security in fostering genuine connections.

  • In addition to its focus on quality matches, Coffee Meets Bagel also offers curated icebreaker questions to facilitate engaging conversations between users. These prompts enable individuals to go beyond generic small talk and delve into meaningful discussions, which can help foster deeper connections from the start. This feature adds an extra layer of uniqueness and depth to the overall user experience, setting Coffee Meets Bagel apart from other platforms that lack such tailored conversation-starters.

  • Coffee Meets Bagel boasts a relatively large user base, providing a diverse and vibrant community of singles looking for serious relationships. With millions of active users worldwide, the platform offers a wide pool of potential matches, increasing the chances of finding a compatible partner. This sizeable user base differentiates Coffee Meets Bagel from more niche or regional dating sites and apps, making it a popular choice for those seeking a variety of options.

  • The Coffee Meets Bagel app has received positive feedback from users who appreciate its clean interface and user-friendly design. With intuitive navigation and easy-to-use features, the platform ensures that users can quickly and efficiently engage with their matches. This effortless experience contributes to the overall appeal of Coffee Meets Bagel, positioning it as a hassle-free and enjoyable dating platform amidst a sea of competitive options.

Pricing & Premium Membership on Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel offers a range of premium features to enhance your experience on the platform. These features come at a cost, but the pricing is competitive compared to other similar dating apps in the market.

While it’s possible to use Coffee Meets Bagel without paying, having a premium subscription unlocks additional benefits that can significantly elevate your dating game. With a paid membership, you gain access to features like "Activity Reports" which provide insights into how active bagel members are and how they engage with profiles. This valuable information allows you to make more informed decisions when selecting potential matches.

In addition, premium users enjoy an increased number of “Likes” per day and have the ability to see who has liked their profile before making a decision. This gives you more control over your matching process and increases your chances of finding meaningful connections.

To further customize your experience, Coffee Meets Bagel also offers virtual currency called "Beans." You can purchase beans separately or as part of the premium subscription package. Buying beans allows you to take advantage of additional features such as "Rematch," which enables you to reconnect with missed connections, and "Discover," where you can explore profiles outside your suggested matches.

When it comes to payment methods, Coffee Meets Bagel provides convenience by accepting various options including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay (for iOS), and Google Pay (for Android). This ensures that purchasing a premium subscription or buying beans is easily accessible for all users.

Whether you choose to stick with free usage or explore the world of premium features offered by Coffee Meets Bagel depends on your individual preferences and priorities. However, if maximizing your chances of connecting with potential partners appeals to you, investing in a premium subscription might be worth considering.

Subscription Plan Price (per month) Features
Basic $0 Browse and Like profiles
Receive up to 21 bagels per day
Chat with your Bagels
Premium $34.99 All features from the Basic plan
See who liked you instantly
Unlock activity reports for insights on chat usage, profile likes, and more
Send a second chance to expired connections
Get 6,000 Beans monthly
Access to additional Likes and Woo
Priority customer support

Please note that the information provided above is subject to change as per the Coffee Meets Bagel website.

Help & Support

Users can easily access support for Coffee Meets Bagel through their website. They have a dedicated support page where users can find answers to frequently asked questions and submit inquiries or issues they may be experiencing with the app.

On the support page, users can navigate to the "Contact Us" section where they have the option to send an email directly to Coffee Meets Bagel’s support team. This allows users to reach out with any specific concerns or problems they are encountering while using the app.

In terms of response time, Coffee Meets Bagel strives to provide prompt assistance to its users.

While they do not specify an exact timeframe for responding, they aim to address user inquiries as quickly as possible.

Additionally, Coffee Meets Bagel offers a comprehensive FAQ section on their support page. This is incredibly helpful as it provides valuable information and solutions for common issues that may arise. Users can simply browse through this extensive list of commonly asked questions, which covers various topics such as account settings, profile management, messaging functionality, and troubleshooting tips.

When comparing Coffee Meets Bagel’s support options to other alternatives in the dating app industry, it is evident that they prioritize providing thorough assistance.

Their inclusion of a dedicated FAQ section speaks volumes about their commitment to addressing user queries proactively.

While some competitors rely solely on email-based customer support without offering a detailed FAQ page like Coffee Meets Bagel does; others might offer live chat or even phone support options alongside email correspondence. However, it’s important to note that each platform has its own unique approach when it comes to supporting their user base.

Overall, Coffee Meets Bagel’s approach seems well-rounded and efficient enough for most users’ needs. The combination of readily available FAQs along with email communication ensures that individuals who require assistance will receive effective help promptly.


Coffee Meets Bagel does have a dating website, providing users with an online platform to connect and find potential matches. The website offers similar features and functionalities to its mobile application counterpart, catering to individuals who prefer using a computer or laptop for their online dating experience.

One of the main advantages of Coffee Meets Bagel’s website is its simplicity and user-friendly interface. Upon visiting the site, users are greeted with a clean layout that allows for easy navigation. The various sections, such as the "Discover" tab where users can browse through profiles, and the "Beans" section where virtual currency can be utilized for additional features, are clearly displayed.

The website also provides convenient access to important account settings and preferences. Users can easily update their profile information, specify desired match criteria, and adjust privacy settings all in one place.

This streamlined approach enhances user control over their dating experience and ensures compatibility with their preferences.

Furthermore, Coffee Meets Bagel’s website is optimized for mobile devices. While it may not offer the same level of convenience as the dedicated mobile app when it comes to push notifications or geolocation-based matching features, it still enables on-the-go usage without compromising functionality. The responsive design ensures that users can access all essential features from smartphones or tablets while maintaining a seamless browsing experience.

However, like any other platform, there are some disadvantages associated with Coffee Meets Bagel’s website. One limitation is that certain advanced features may only be available through the app version. For instance, personalized icebreaker messages known as "Woo" cannot be sent directly from the website at this time.

Additionally, since Coffee Meets Bagel initially gained popularity primarily through its mobile app presence back in 2012 before introducing the web version later on, not all aspects of the service may be fully optimized or integrated across both platforms yet. Therefore, users might encounter occasional inconsistencies or differences in terms of functionality between using Coffee Meets Bagel on the website versus the app.

In conclusion, Coffee Meets Bagel offers a dating website in addition to its mobile application. The site’s main advantages include its simplicity, user-friendly interface, and easy access to account settings. While there may be some limitations compared to the app version, such as certain advanced features only being accessible through the app, overall, Coffee Meets Bagel’s website provides a viable alternative for individuals looking for an online dating experience from their computers or laptops.

User Profiles

Coffee Meets Bagel, a popular dating app, provides user profiles that offer essential information and enable users to make informed choices when it comes to potential matches. Let’s dive into the details.

User profiles on Coffee Meets Bagel are public and can be seen by other members of the app. However, non-members or those not actively using the app cannot view your profile. This ensures a level of exclusivity within the community.

Each profile consists of several key elements. Firstly, there’s a custom bio section where you can showcase your personality and interests. This allows users to add their own unique touch to their profiles and provide more insight into who they are beyond just pictures. It serves as an opportunity for self-expression.

In terms of location info, Coffee Meets Bagel displays some geographical details on profiles but does not disclose specific addresses or coordinates. You can expect to see general location data such as city or neighborhood names unless specifically hidden by individual users.

When browsing through potential matches, you’ll also notice an indication of distance between yourself and others in each person’s profile. This feature helps determine proximity and facilitates meeting someone nearby if that is what you’re seeking.

For individuals with a premium subscription – known as "Beans" in Coffee Meets Bagel – additional benefits come along with the upgrade. Premium subscribers have access to special features like seeing mutual friends (if any) on Facebook, receiving read receipts for messages sent, having priority for connecting with popular bagels (potential matches), and accessing detailed activity reports about how well they’ve interacted within the app.

Regarding fake profiles, Coffee Meets Bagel strives diligently to maintain a high standard of authenticity. While no platform can completely eradicate this issue, Coffee Meets Bagel employs various measures such as active moderation, AI algorithms, and reporting options from users themselves to help identify and remove any suspicious accounts from the system promptly.

Now let’s talk about privacy settings.

Coffee Meets Bagel provides users with a solid set of privacy options to control their visibility and experience on the app. These settings allow you to define who can see your profile, ensuring that only the intended audience views your information.

As for signing in, Coffee Meets Bagel offers both Google and Facebook authentication options. This allows users to conveniently link their accounts without any extra hassle or creating multiple login credentials.

In conclusion, Coffee Meets Bagel delivers user profiles that display essential details such as custom bios, location info (with some degree of privacy), and indications of distance between potential matches. Premium subscribers enjoy additional benefits while fake profiles are continuously monitored and removed. With its robust privacy settings and convenient sign-in features through Google or Facebook, Coffee Meets Bagel ensures an enjoyable yet secure dating experience for its users.

How Does Coffee Meets Bagel Work?

Coffee Meets Bagel is a popular online dating app that was created in 2012 by three sisters: Arum, Dawoon, and Soo Kang. The aim of the app was to provide users with a more curated and focused approach to online dating, as opposed to the swiping frenzy found on other platforms.

On Coffee Meets Bagel, users are referred to as "Beans," which is an interesting play on words since coffee beans are central to the brand’s identity. Instead of browsing through endless profiles like traditional dating apps, Coffee Meets Bagel delivers daily matches based on each user’s preferences and information provided.

To start using Coffee Meets Bagel, you need to create an account and set up your profile. The app allows you to import photos from Facebook or upload them directly from your phone. You can also add basic information such as age, height, occupation, religion, education level, etc, along with a brief self-description.

One key feature of Coffee Meets Bagel is its algorithm-based matching system. Every day at noon, the app sends you “Bagels,” which are potential matches tailored specifically for you based on your preferences and criteria. These bagels are not just randomly chosen; they have been carefully selected by the algorithm using various factors like mutual friends or common interests.

Once you receive your daily batch of bagels (typically around 21 per day), you can either "Like" or "Pass" on each one within 24 hours. If both parties express interest by liking each other’s profiles ("mutual likes"), then a private chat room will open up where they can communicate further and get to know each other better.

To enhance your chances of finding a perfect match on Coffee Meets Bagel, there are additional features available that require virtual currency called "coffee beans." You earn these beans by simply logging in regularly or inviting friends to join the platform.

With coffee beans, you can unlock more bagels in the “Discover” section. This section lets you browse through profiles that may not have been included in your daily matches, providing you with even more potential connections.

In terms of user base, Coffee Meets Bagel is known for attracting a diverse range of individuals who are looking for meaningful relationships rather than casual encounters. The app appeals to both men and women equally, making it an inclusive platform while maintaining a respectful environment.

Overall, Coffee Meets Bagel offers a refreshing alternative to traditional dating apps by delivering quality daily matches and engaging features that encourage users to invest time and effort into finding meaningful connections.

Searching, Filters and Communications

Are you wondering how to navigate the search, filters, and communication features on Coffee Meets Bagel? On this dating app platform, users can efficiently explore potential matches by applying a variety of filters to narrow down their preferences. Additionally, Coffee Meets Bagel incorporates a unique system based on “coffee beans” that allows users to discover curated matches every day and facilitate meaningful conversations with their connections.

  • Coffee Meets Bagel allows members to discover and connect with other users through its "Discover" feature.
  • With the help of this feature, users can explore curated matches based on their preferences and shared interests.
  • By using "coffee beans," which can be earned or purchased, members have the option to unlock additional features such as sending a message before matching or getting a second chance on missed connections.
  • Communication on Coffee Meets Bagel primarily takes place through private messages, enabling members to initiate conversations and get to know each other better.
  • The platform encourages meaningful interactions by providing a limited number of matches per day, encouraging users to focus on quality rather than quantity in their connections.

Coffee Meets Bagel allows users to make contact with potential matches through its Discover section. This feature offers a range of search options and filters, enabling users to find people who meet their preferences. By using these filters, such as age range, location, and ethnicity preferences, users can narrow down their search criteria. Once they discover matches that align with their interests, they can initiate conversation by sending a message or using coffee beans to like the profile in hopes of getting liked back.

Coffee Meets Bagel features

The free and paid versions of Coffee Meets Bagel offer a range of features to enhance the online dating experience. Alongside basic functionalities like creating a profile, browsing profiles, and messaging potential matches, Coffee Meets Bagel provides suggested bagels every day as their unique feature. These suggested matches are carefully curated based on users’ preferences and can be discovered within the app’s “Discover” section.

Additionally, with the paid version called “CMB Premium,” users gain access to advanced filters for refining search results and receive detailed insights about how they compare to other individuals in terms of attractiveness, among other metrics. The platform ensures an efficient approach by limiting the number of daily matches presented to each user further streamlining the selection process while striving for quality over quantity.

  • Suggested Matches: Coffee Meets Bagel provides users with a curated list of potential matches called "bagels" each day, based on their preferences and algorithmic calculations.
  • Suggested Bagels: By taking into account user’s criteria, such as age, location, education, and interests, the app suggests personalized bagels that are highly compatible with individual preferences.
  • Discover Matches: Apart from daily matches, Coffee Meets Bagel offers a feature called "Discover" where users can manually browse through an additional pool of potential matches beyond their suggested bagels.
  • Daily Matches: With a focus on quality over quantity, Coffee Meets Bagel delivers a limited number of daily matches to ensure that users can carefully evaluate each profile and make meaningful connections without feeling overwhelmed.
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Signing up

To register on Coffee Meets Bagel, you must be at least 18 years of age. Signing up for an account is a simple and straightforward process that requires minimal time and effort. It’s important to note that the registration on Coffee Meets Bagel is free.

To begin the registration process, you need to visit the Coffee Meets Bagel website or download the app from your preferred app store. Once there, you will be prompted to create an account by providing some basic information.

The first step involves entering your mobile phone number. This ensures that each user has a unique identification and allows for secure communication within the platform.

After entering your mobile phone number, Coffee Meets Bagel will send you a verification code via text message in order to verify your identity.

Once you have entered the verification code correctly, you will proceed to creating your profile. Here, you can personalize your experience by adding information such as your gender, birthday, ethnicity, height, religion, education level, occupation, and other optional details about yourself.

Coffee Meets Bagel also provides prompts where users can write short descriptions about their interests or what they are looking for in a potential match. These creative prompts allow individuals to showcase their personality while giving others an insight into who they are before making connections.

Along with personal descriptions and preferences, users also have the opportunity to upload up to six photos onto their profile. These visual elements help enhance profiles and give other users an idea of what someone looks like beyond just written words.

After completing these steps should decide whether or not certain features of Coffee meets bagels require access permission -such as accessing location-, tailored based on individual needs-, reviewing community guidelines in order to foster respectful interaction among members-,and then accepting terms and conditions.

Upon finishing these steps successfully,you now have registered successfully! You can either choose to start browsing profiles immediately or wait until suggested matches are sent directly to you through Coffee Meets Bagel’s algorithm.

Overall, the sign-up process on Coffee Meets Bagel is hassle-free and allows you to create a detailed profile that can connect you with potential matches. With the minimum required age being 18 years old and registration being free of charge, it offers a convenient platform for individuals looking to meet others who share similar interests and values.

  • Provide personal information for signing up on Coffee Meets Bagel
  • Input your mobile phone number during the registration process
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of Coffee Meets Bagel
  • Create a unique username and password for your account
  • Set preferences for age range, location, and interests
  • Upload at least one profile picture
  • Verify your mobile phone number through a verification code sent via SMS
  • Optional: Connect your Facebook or Instagram account for additional profile information.


1. How to use Coffee Meets Bagel without paying?

No worries, Coffee Meets Bagel can totally be used without paying! Just make sure to answer the daily question and keep playing in the Discover section to earn beans. You can then spend these beans wisely in the Bean Shop to unlock certain features and get more connections!

2. Can you delete your Coffee Meets Bagel account?

Hey there! Absolutely, you can delete your Coffee Meets Bagel account whenever you feel like it. Just head over to the settings in the app, look for "Delete Account," and follow the simple steps to bid farewell to CMB. Say goodbye to swiping beans in no time!

3. How can I know that the profiles on Coffee Meets Bagel are real?

You can be confident that the profiles on Coffee Meets Bagel are legit because they undergo a thorough verification process. The app requires users to connect their Facebook accounts, ensuring authenticity. Plus, if you have any doubts, you can always send them a question and answer session in chat or grab some beans from the bean shop to unlock more information about potential matches!

4. Is Coffee Meets Bagel a scam?

No, Coffee Meets Bagel is not a scam. It’s a legitimate dating app where you can find real people looking for meaningful connections. However, be aware that it does have premium features like the Bean Shop which may require payment.

5. How long does it take to have my profile approved on Coffee Meets Bagel?

Yo, so if you’re wondering how long it takes for your profile to get the green light on Coffee Meets Bagel, I gotchu! It usually takes around 24-48 hours for those cool peeps at CMB to review and approve your awesome profile. While you wait, why not explore their Bean Shop? Trust me, getting some beans can totally level up your dating game!

6. Is Coffee Meets Bagel any good?

Coffee Meets Bagel is pretty decent, I must say! The question and answer feature adds a fun twist to conversations, making it easy to break the ice. Plus, their bean shop gives you extra options to enhance your online dating experience.

7. How to cancel subscription on Coffee Meets Bagel?

To cancel your subscription on Coffee Meets Bagel, simply head over to the app settings and look for the "subscriptions" section. Click on it, locate the Coffee Meets Bagel subscription, and hit that sweet cancel button! If you’re feeling adventurous afterwards, don’t forget to swing by their irresistible bean shop for some caffeine-powered swag!


In summary, Coffee Meets Bagel offers a unique and refreshing approach to online dating. With its emphasis on quality over quantity, this app strives to provide users with more meaningful connections by curating matches based on their preferences and bagels of the day. The intuitive interface and user-friendly design make navigating the app a breeze.

One standout feature of Coffee Meets Bagel is the "Ladies Choice" option, which allows women to have more control in initiating conversations. This adds an element of empowerment for female users who may be tired of sifting through countless messages on other platforms.

Furthermore, the app’s algorithm learns from user behavior and feedback to continually improve match recommendations, increasing the chances of finding compatible partners. Additionally, the detailed profiles offer valuable insights into potential matches’ personalities, interests, and backgrounds.

The safety measures implemented by Coffee Meets Bagel are also commendable. By utilizing Facebook as a sign-up method and carefully vetting each profile before suggesting it as a match, they prioritize security and reduce the risk of encountering fake or spam accounts.

However, like any dating platform, Coffee Meets Bagel has its limitations.

Some users might find the limited number of daily matches restrictive compared to other apps that offer endless swiping possibilities. Additionally, the premium subscription options allow access to additional features but can be seen as costly for some individuals.

Overall, Coffee Meets Bagel provides an innovative alternative in the world of online dating by promoting quality connections through its curated matching system. Whether you’re seeking something casual or looking for a long-term relationship, this app offers a reliable platform with enhanced privacy features that cater to various dating preferences – all while delivering a seamless user experience.

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