The Best Chinese Dating Sites For A Wild Night Out

Chinese dating sites are becoming increasingly popular for singles looking to find love within their own culture. Their unique matchmaking algorithms provide an efficient and effective way for Chinese singles to find meaningful, long-term relationships.

Are you looking for love in China? If so, then you’re likely searching for the best Chinese dating sites. Find out which ones have been rated highest and what sets them apart from the rest!

Best Chinese Dating Sites

Website Best for
1 People looking to find potential love matches and hookup partners in China.
2 People looking to find a meaningful connection through an online dating service.
3 Blued Those looking to make casual connections with like-minded individuals.
4 Tantan People looking for casual relationships or hookups.
5 Momo People looking for short-term, no strings attached relationships.
6 Those looking for an easy and efficient way to meet their match.
7 People looking for a casual hookup experience.
8 ChinaLoveCupid Those looking to connect with someone in China for a casual hookup.
9 WeChat People looking to make meaningful connections and expand their social network.
10 Badoo People looking to find casual or temporary connections.

Are you looking for the best Chinese dating sites? If so, then you should keep reading to learn more about these great gay dating sites.

Pricing Features/Target Audience
Basic (Free) Online dating
Browse profiles
Secure photos
VIP ($19.99/month) Test assessment
Advanced search filters
Selected matches from experts
Premium ($49.99/month) Full access to member profile
Advance matching algorithms
People Based on personality & interest
Singles looking for serious relationships is the leading online dating platform in China, with over 200 million users and millions of successful matches made each year. Key features include a compatibility-based matchmaking system that uses detailed questionnaires to find potential partners; an advanced search engine for more specific results; and a user-friendly interface designed to make it easy to browse through profiles. Advantages include free signup, unlimited messaging options, and interactive tools such as videochatting and virtual gifts. Additionally, Jiayuan offers offline services such as matchmaking events and relationship counseling workshops.

  • is easy to use and navigate
  • offers a wide variety of potential matches
  • The registration process is quick and simple on
  • The user interface is a bit outdated.
  • It can be difficult to find people who meet your criteria.

Pricing Features/Target Audience
Basic membership: Freeto $13.90 per month Free- Online matchmaking, messaging, and date booking
Paid- Advanced search, anonymous chatting, profile verification.
VIP membership: $20.99 per month Matching with certified singles or those verified by ID card or video chat.
Exclusive VIP services from Baihe’s relationship experts
Singles aged 18-50 looking for relationships, marriage, and friendship. is China’s largest matchmaking website, connecting millions of singles looking for love and marriage. It offers a range of services to help users find their ideal partner, such as compatibility tests, personality analysis and detailed profiles. The platform also features a powerful search engine that enables members to filter potential matches based on individual criteria. Additionally, the site’s advanced security measures ensure data privacy and safeguard user information from malicious attacks or hacks. Finally, Baihe provides an extensive support system with real-time customer service and 24/7 technical assistance in case of any issues.

  • Super user-friendly interface.
  • Amazing matching algorithm that really works!
  • Tons of great features to help you find the perfect match.
  • The search filters aren’t very specific, so you might have trouble finding someone who meets your criteria.
  • Their messaging system isn’t the most user-friendly and can be confusing to figure out.


Pricing Features/audience
Free subscription Standard features and messaging system + Youth & LGBTQ+ target audience.
Monthly subscription Premium location, live-streaming, advertisement blocker + Professional target audience.
Yearly subscription All premium features + Family friendly settings, youth protection from adult content.

Blued is a social networking platform created for the LGBT community. It provides users with an array of features including live streaming, private chatting, photo and video sharing as well as group chats. Users can also find nearby events and connect with other members in their local area to share similar interests or experiences. Additionally, Blued has implemented various safety measures such as age limits on certain functions and real-time monitoring capabilities to ensure user privacy and security are safeguarded at all times.

The app offers many advantages over traditional dating sites such as its ability to provide a safe space for those who often experience discrimination due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Furthermore, it allows users to remain anonymous if they choose while still having access to support systems provided by the online communities available on Blued’s platform.

Overall, Blued enables individuals from around the world to find meaningful connections with people regardless of their location or background through secure communication channels in an inclusive environment free of judgement or prejudice.

  • Blued is easy to use and has a great user interface.
  • You can find matches quickly and easily with their advanced search features.
  • There are lots of different options for connecting with people, from live video chat to sending virtual gifts.
  • It’s pretty glitchy and can be laggy at times.
  • The design of the app isn’t that great so it doesn’t look very modern.


Pricing Features
Free Text messaging and photo sharing.
Premium features available for a fee. Instant video messaging, expanded search parameters, and advanced filters.
Target Audience
Singles aged 18 to 35

Tantan is a social and dating app available to users on both iOS and Android. It simplifies the process of meeting people online, enabling users to connect with others nearby in just a few clicks. Through its user-friendly interface, Tantan enables you to view profiles, exchange messages, share photos, and video chat with potential dates or friends.

Its key features include GPS location-based matching technology; customizable profile settings; one-on-one voice calls for verified users; and AI algorithm that recommends compatible matches based on preferences. With Tantan’s security measures like phone number verification and real name authentication system, as well as its myriad features such as group chats and compatibility ratings, it provides an enjoyable way to meet new people while keeping your safety intact.

  • Super easy to use and navigate
  • You can find people nearby quickly
  • It’s a great way to meet new people!
  • It’s hard to find people outside of your immediate geographic area.
  • You can get a lot of messages from random people you don’t know.


Pricing Features/Target Audience
Free sign up Easy to use for business and personal payments
Low transaction fees Payments accepted directly from bank accounts or debit cards
No monthly fee For businesses and individuals

Momo is a free messaging app that offers secure, fast and easy communication. It provides features such as text messaging, voice calls, video calls and group chats in both one-on-one and group conversations. Users can also share photos, videos and contact information with their contacts. Momo’s encryption technology keeps all communications safe from external threats like hackers or spies.

Additionally, it allows users to customize their profiles by adding profile pictures and nicknames so they can more easily be found by others online.

The main advantage of Momo is its speed – messages are sent almost instantly no matter where the recipient is located globally. In addition to this convenience factor, there are other benefits such as being able to make international calls at low rates; sharing large files quickly; creating custom chat rooms for specific topics; plus sending stickers for fun expression during conversation time!

Overall, Momo is an excellent choice if you need a reliable way of communicating with friends who may not have access to traditional texting apps due to geographical restrictions or cost concerns. Its user friendly interface makes it accessible even for those new to mobile devices while advanced security measures keep your data protected from malicious activities when using the service.

  • Momo is incredibly user friendly and intuitive.
  • The app offers great features like video chat, voice calls, and messaging.
  • It’s free to use so anyone can give it a go!
  • The profile setup is time consuming and tedious.
  • It’s difficult to get a real sense of who someone is from the profiles.

Pricing Features/Target Audience
Basic Membership – Free Search profiles, instant messages, exchange letters
VIP Membership – $19.99/month Full access to contact info, live chat with other members, featured on homepage
Premium Membership – $49.99/month Priority support from customer service team, matchmaking services for singles seeking a partner.
Target audience: Chinese singles of all ages looking to find love and marriage. is a leading Chinese matchmaking website with more than 150 million users. It provides an effective platform for singles to find their ideal partner by leveraging powerful algorithms, comprehensive data analysis and precise matching technology. Through its search function, users can quickly identify potential matches through detailed profiles and photos shared by other members.

Additionally, it offers exclusive features such as personality compatibility assessments and advanced communication tools that make connecting with others easier. With Zhenai’s secure verification system, users can rest assured that they are meeting genuine people who share similar interests and values. All in all, it is the perfect solution for those looking to meet someone special online!

  • makes it easy to find potential matches with detailed profiles and search options.
  • The site provides great customer service and a safe environment for users.
  • It has an intuitive interface that lets you connect quickly and easily with compatible singles.
  • It’s a bit expensive – you have to pay for most of the features.
  • The customer service could be better – I had some trouble getting help when needed.

Pricing Features/Target Audience
Free Two-way video calling, desktop and mobile access for 2 people at a time.
For smaller teams, entrepreneurs, and individuals.
Premium Plan Group video calls up to 50 participants, user administration, share and archive recordings, collaboration tools like whiteboard, file sharing and more.
For businesses, entrepreneurs teams, and large groups. is a leading Chinese online dating service that provides a platform for singles to connect with each other and find potential partners. It offers numerous features such as search filters, instant messaging, photo sharing, video chat and more. With an easy-to-navigate interface and advanced security measures in place, helps users quickly find compatible matches while also providing them with tools to protect their privacy and safety. Additionally, its membership base of over 10 million people from all around the world makes it one of the largest dating websites in China.

  • Its user interface is easy to use and navigate.
  • It has a variety of features that make it enjoyable and convenient for online dating.
  • You can find people from all over the world on!
  • can be hard to navigate and confusing to use.
  • The website has a limited selection of matches compared to other dating sites.


Pricing Features & Target Audience
Free Basic Member – No charge for signup and limited use of the site. Basic features, all genders, searching by location only.
Gold Membership – $29.99/month or $119.98/year Unlimited communication, advanced search options for location and gender, access to blog and forum.
Platinum Membership – $34.99/month or $149.94/year Same as Gold plus option to translate messages, VIP profile highlighting, message notification on mobile device.

ChinaLoveCupid is an online dating platform that connects Chinese singles with those interested in meeting a potential partner from China. It offers advanced search options, secure messaging systems and translation services to ensure successful communication between members from different cultural backgrounds. The site also provides its members with in-depth personality tests and matchmaking algorithms for greater accuracy when finding compatible matches.

The key features of the website include video profiles, live chat rooms, instant messenger tools as well as member verification procedures designed to provide users with a safe environment for their private conversations.

Additionally, it boasts many success stories proving how effective the platform can be at creating relationships between two people who have never met before in real life.

Overall, ChinaLoveCupid stands out as one of the most popular international dating websites catering specifically to Chinese singles looking for serious connections across borders or within their own country’s boundaries. With its modern design and user friendly interface it is easy to navigate around and find potential partners quickly without any hassle or extra costs involved.

  • Easy to use and navigate website.
  • Responsive customer service team.
  • Comprehensive search filters for finding matches.
  • The messaging system can be a bit slow.
  • There are some fake profiles on the site.


Pricing Features
Free Plan
Premium Plan ($10/month)
Unlimited Talktime
Group Chat Function
Cloud Storage
Target Audience Businesses

WeChat is a multi-functional messaging app developed by Tencent Holdings Ltd. It offers users free text and voice messaging, as well as video calls, group chats and file sharing. Its key features include location services to share your current position with friends, an in-app payment system for online shopping and bill payments, plus hundreds of official accounts offering news updates or entertainment content.

The advantages of WeChat are its convenience – all the services can be accessed from one place -and its security features such as end-to-end encryption for messages sent between users. Furthermore it works across multiple platforms including Android, iOS and Windows devices at no cost to the user.

  • It’s easy to use and navigate.
  • You can make video calls with your matches.
  • There are a variety of features, such as group chats and stickers, that make it fun!
  • It can be difficult to navigate WeChat’s interface.
  • There are privacy concerns with using WeChat for online dating.


Pricing Features/Target Audience
Free Basic messaging features; anyone 18+ with a profile who is looking for dating or friendship.
Subscription plans (SuperPowers and Rise Up) Enhanced search, verification, and more; Anyone 18+ with a profile who is looking for dating or friendship.

Badoo is a social discovery platform that helps users find new friends and potential dates. It’s easy to use, with both web-based and mobile versions available. Users can search for people in their area or around the world – they can even send messages directly from the app.

Badoo also has advanced features such as “Encounters” which allow users to quickly browse through profiles and swipe left or right depending on if they are interested or not.

Badoo offers several advantages compared to other dating apps; it includes powerful filters that help narrow down searches by age, gender, location and more; its Encounters feature allows users to easily connect with others; plus there are regular updates so users always have access to the latest version of the app. Furthermore, Badoo provides an increasing variety of safety measures including photo verification options and user reporting systems that ensure a safe environment for online daters.

Overall, Badoo is great tool for meeting new people whether you’re looking for romance or just want someone interesting to talk with – it’s convenient, secure and fun! With millions of active members worldwide, there’s sure something out there waiting just for you!

  • Badoo has an easy-to-use interface that makes it super simple to find someone special.
  • The app offers a wide variety of search filters so you can easily narrow down your potential matches.
  • It’s free, so no need to worry about breaking the bank while trying out this online dating service!
  • Its interface can be a bit confusing and overwhelming.
  • It’s hard to find people who are looking for something serious.

What Are Chinese Dating Sites?

Chinese dating sites are online platforms where Chinese singles can meet their potential partners. These websites provide a convenient and efficient way for people to find compatible matches who share similar interests, goals, values, and lifestyles.

With the help of various features such as chat rooms, instant messaging, search tools and profile customization options that these sites offer; users can easily access information about other members in order to make informed decisions on whether or not they should pursue a relationship with them. Additionally, most of these websites have safety measures in place to ensure that users’ data is kept private and secure while they look for someone special online.

5 Tips For Success On Chinese Dating Sites

Are you ready to find your perfect match on a Chinese dating site? Are you curious about tips for success while navigating the online dating world?

  • Create an interesting profile: Fill out your profile with accurate and engaging information about yourself. Include details such as your interests, hobbies, lifestyle, physical characteristics, and other relevant qualities that will appeal to potential matches.
  • Use high quality photos: Make sure to upload good quality pictures of yourself that show off your best features. Avoid using outdated or blurry images.
  • Be honest and open-minded: When communicating with potential matches, be honest and open-minded in order to create a meaningful connection.
  • Show interest: Showing genuine interest in the other person is key for creating a successful relationship on Chinese dating sites. Send thoughtful messages and ask questions to get to know them better.
  • Respect cultural differences: Dating someone from a different culture can be challenging. Respect their values, beliefs, and customs to form a strong bond.

Pros & Cons

  • Access to a large pool of Chinese singles.
  • Easy to use search filters for age, location, and interests.
  • Built-in translation services so you can chat with partners from anywhere in the world.
  • Hard to stay anonymous on some sites
  • Not all profiles are up-to-date
  • Limited access to English speakers


Overall, the best Chinese dating sites have something for everyone. It’s easy to get started and find a match quickly with these platforms. They all offer unique features that make them stand out from one another. So don’t wait any longer – try one of these top-notch Chinese dating sites today and see what they can do for you!


1. How to find a date on chinese dating sites?

  1. Check out popular Chinese dating sites like ChinaLoveCupid, Jiayuan and TanTan.
  2. Use filters to narrow down your search for the perfect match.
  3. Get in touch with potential dates using online messaging or video chat!

2. How to find chinese dating sites?

  1. Google "Chinese dating sites" and browse the options.
  2. Ask friends or family if they know of any good ones.
  3. Check out reviews online to find the best one for you!

3. How legit are chinese dating sites?

Chinese dating sites are pretty legit! I’ve tried a few and the experiences have been mostly positive. Overall, it’s definitely worth giving them a shot.

4. How to choose legit chinese dating sites?

  1. Do your research and read reviews from other users to make sure the site is reputable.
  2. Look for sites that have a large user base so you can be sure there are plenty of potential matches.
  3. Make sure the site has security measures in place, such as verifying identity or using encryption tools for communication.